German Couple Have Public Park Sex, Ignoring Onlookers Just Feet Away

Footage shot in a Berlin park last Friday of a German couple having sex within a few feet of a mother pushing a stroller, bikers filming the incident on their phones, and a man who recorded the incident and put it up online has gone viral in the past few days. The couple's bizarre public crusade, which took place on the ground behind a tree, has been covered by The Sun and a multitude of other news sources, both German and otherwise.

"We need to get this," says the man who filmed the viral clip of the couple in German.

"I honestly think they are having sex in the park."
As the clip goes on, the couple continues their very public activity with vigor as a small crowd of people, including passing cyclists who stop for a glimpse of the lewd spectacle, gather around. The cameraman approaches the couple, managing to get close enough to clearly capture their smiling faces.

The amazing thing about the clip is just how indifferent to their surroundings the German couple seem to be. They are humping ravenously just feet away from a woman pushing a baby carriage through the park, and they are surrounded by onlookers who are pointing and laughing at them in shocked disbelief. The couple appears to either not notice or not care because they don't look even a little bit disturbed.

That is not to say that the couple is totally oblivious to the onlookers' presence. On the contrary, they seem to welcome their audience. At one point, in fact, the man in the couple even takes a short break in his routine to take a drag on a cigarette, during which time he reaches out to one of the onlookers for a light. The onlooker obliges, and then the couple goes right back to their intimate session.

Maybe the two just love each other so much that they are literally 100 percent focused on each other, but that wouldn't explain the man's short cigarette break. On second thought, maybe they are just exhibitionists...

The 95 second-long NSFW clip of the German couple's shocking foray was uploaded to on Sunday and has already amassed over 280,000 views at the time of this writing, a number that is still increasing every minute.

Many commenters are disgusted by the spectacle.

Some are disgusted for the first reason that might come to mind -- sex between two members of a couple is an intimate experience and should be kept private.

"What the f**k is wrong with these guys?" writes one user.

"This should be a punishable offense with five years in prison," another said.

Others are more disgusted by the fascination displayed by the onlookers in the German park than with the couple themselves.

"That's f*****g disgusting," writes Grammernazi. "Not the couple - but the fact that there were SIX f*****g naggers disgustingly oogling a couple in a private moment - all hoping that they could break off a piece next."

"It's a twisted mind that even wants to walk up on that couple," another user added.

German couple public park sex with onlookers laughing
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For the most part, though, the comments showed amusement.

"Boy meets girl in park, boy parks meat in girl," read one highly voted comment.

"Hahaha nice," another said succinctly.

This German couple certainly got off easier than they might have, with people tending to laugh and move on rather than make note of the couple's faces and report them to the police for indecent exposure.

The man who posted the video speculates that the couple must have been high out of their minds on drugs to put on such a display, probably an accurate assessment.

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