Gina Carano Playboy Pics – Will It Ever Happen?

Will Gina Carano ever be on the cover of Playboy?

That’s the big question today and it appears to have gotten enough people salivating that it’s turned into a full-blown internet meme, with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people searching online for the term “gina carano playboy pics.”

We saw this bubble up to the top of the trend tracking services so naturally, we did some investigating, but what we found out might disappoint – as of the time of writing, we found out that Gina Carano has no immediate plans to appear in Playboy. However, if Gina and her people are savvy, they’ll definitely be considering doing so since there’s obviously a massive demand.

So dear readers, would you be out waiting at your local newsstand waiting for that Gina Carano Playboy pics goodness to appear on the shelf if she were to ever to do the Playboy thing?