Alleged Ryan Lochte Nude Photo Being Shopped Around

We’ve said it once; we’ll say it a hundred thousand times until it sticks. It is always a bad idea to send naked pictures of yourself to someone you think you can trust. Case in point: US Olympic gold medalist and heartthrob Ryan Lochte, who apparently has a nude picture floating around from his college days.

PerezHilton has the exclusive: A nude photo of Ryan Lochte is currently being shopped around, reportedly by an ex-girlfriend. The Olympic swimmer apparently sent this lusty little photo to a girlfriend back in college, and she’s apparently kept it all this time because she knew that someday a nude photo of now-famous Lochte would get her the gold as well.

One downside: Apparently, though a full-frontal body shot, the photo doesn’t show Lochte’s face. This obviously could mean that the photo isn’t of Lochte, but Perez says “pretty much everyone will be able to recognize his body now that it was broadcast all over the world during the games,” noting that in the photo, “you can even see the tan line from his speedo!”

For a full nude picture of Ryan Lochte, curious fangirls and fanboys will probably be stuck Photoshopping that glistening grill over top of the body shot.

Also, in post-Olympic careers: Gold-medalist Jessica Ennis is looking to front a campaign for either Alexander McQueen or Victoria Beckham, reports the National Ledger. Now that Ennis is done at the games, she’s eyeballing a potential career in fashion.

“Obviously Alexander McQueen is my favourite. Otherwise I really like Victoria Beckham, I think her dresses are really stunning and they’re structured, which is quite like my own style,” she said. “It would be amazing to be in a campaign for a big designer! But then I do love high street brands too, like Reiss and French Connection.”

What do you think of Ryan Lochte’s nude photo leak?