‘Survivor’ Producer’s Ex-Wife Says Show Was All Sex All The Time

Diane and Mark Burnett

Dianne Burnett, ex-wife of Survivor producer Mark Burnett, has a tell all book being released in September called Road to Reality about her life and the show. She says the show should have been called Camp Lust or Infidelity Isle due to the fact that everyone was having sex with each other all the time.

Dianne wrote in Road to Reality:

“Affairs among crew members were sprouting like mushrooms in a moist cow patch. The unwritten motto was: ‘What plays on the island, stays on the island.’ “

Mark Burnett is credited with creating the hit television show Survivor. Diane, who was married to Burnett until 2006 says she was the support system, connector, and cheerleader for the show. She even claims she was the one who came up with the title Survivor.

Road To Reality: Voted Off the Island! My Journey as a Real-Life Survivor details her life with Burnett as the couple fell in love and traveled the world together while putting together a family.

Dianne then notes that the show was not all that it cracked up to be. She says by the second season in Australia:

“I noticed around then that he was no longer wearing his wedding ring.” Yet, “I didn’t even seriously consider that my marriage might be entirely over until Howard Stern clued me in.”

The sad part was that when Howard asked her husband if he was still married the only answer that followed was a long awkward pause.

She says that after the third season of Survivor in Africa, Mark called her and said he was going hiking in the mountains with his buddies, finding out later that Mark had actually gone on a safari with a girlfriend.

Mark Burnett has always denied that his wife had anything to do with Survivor. He told the Hollywood Reporter:

“If she did so much, so long ago, where are all her new shows?”