Niall Horan Tweets From Ireland, Launches Modest Golf On Twitter

For anyone secretly hoping to run into Niall Horan wearing a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” T-shirt, at least fans now know with some certainty that he was actually in Ireland this year to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Although it was pointed out by some fans in March that Niall Horan’s location is always a mystery, he did finally update his social media — but he may have had ulterior golfing motives in mind.

On March 17, Niall Horan had his current location on Twitter updated as Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. Furthermore, it appears that Niall Horan may have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with his buddy, Eoghan McDermott, because the latter tweeted to his friends “Love you all! X” and included Niall’s name in the tweet.

The Manchester Evening News posted a picture of Niall Horan with Olly Murs having a pint of beer at a pub in Ireland with a fan. Allegedly, Niall Horan was on his way to watch a football match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

Adding to this, Hollywood Life reports that Niall Horan captioned his St. Patrick’s Day social media post with “Always proud of our little nation.”

However, it is also rumored that Niall Horan spent some time in Thailand before coming back to Ireland to have a green beer. According to a report from the Independent on March 17, this was Niall Horan’s first time in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day “in five years.” They also claim the following about Niall Horan’s whereabouts in the week before March 17.

“[Niall Horan] was joined in Thailand by his mate, 2FM presenter Eoghan McDermott, who admitted that the holiday was a ‘some week in paradise.'”

Now that St. Patrick’s Day is out of the way, the next moves for Niall Horan might be to fill up the new social media accounts for Modest Golf Management.

Allegedly, Niall Horan has not been in Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in five years. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Described as “first class player management and marketing services to professional golfers,” on March 14, Niall Horan’s Modest Golf manager, Mark McDonnell, posted, “Welcome to Twitter @modestgolf #ModestGolf.”

There was also a link to the new Instagram for Niall Horan’s golf talent agency. Unlike Niall Horan’s other social media accounts, his new golf management accounts were rather sparse.

Sadly, Modest Golf on Instagram having less than 100 followers as of March 17 is not the only way that Niall Horan has been singled out as having the “least amount of love” of all One Direction members. Furthermore, this fact is pointed out despite the fact that he writes a lot of 1D’s songs.

For example, according to Music Times, “Story of My Life,” penned by Niall Horan for One Direction, is one of the top 10 “best Irish songs” to bring out your “green side” on St. Patrick’s Day.

Perez Hilton does a better job of giving Niall Horan the proper regards on St. Patrick’s Day, and says that Niall is one of the hottest of all the younger Irish celebrities.

Hollywood Life also honors good-looking Irish celebrities such as Niall Horan for St. Patrick’s Day by posting a collection of photos of these Irishmen without their shirts on!

Niall Horan may not have been in Ireland often over the past five years, but he is not ignoring golf or Irish friends. (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

In the end, while some may say that Niall Horan gets the least amount of attention out of all of One Direction, Niall is often the one that turns heads. For example, Her Ireland writes on March 17 that Niall Horan stunned fans by using a new word that they were not familiar with.

In a tweet from SPIN 1038, they greeted Niall Horan with “Hunzo” and he tweeted back that he thought that was funny and “had not heard that one in awhile,” but did not define it right away for clueless fans. Apparently, the word “Hunzo” means “the ultimate” girlie girl.

[Picture by Charlie Crowhurst/Stringer/Getty Images]