Jessica Chambers Update: War On Black Mississippi Gangs Starts After Girl Burned Alive, But No Murder Arrests

Patrick Frye

In the latest update for the Jessica Chambers case, police have yet to find the person or persons responsible for having the girl burned alive near the end of last year. In 2015, the FBI and local police have started arresting Mississippi gang members as part of "Operation Bite Back," but, so far, none of the arrested suspects are facing murder charges since none of them are believed to be connected to Chambers' death. Still, police are hopeful since reports state that members of the black community have been sending in tips at an increasing rate.

[Update] Authorities are saying they may know identity of the person(s) she was with in the hour before the Mississippi girl was burned alive.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, an older Jessica Chambers update raised hope for her parents back in August. FOX 13 reported that "investigators are still looking for key evidence," but Ben Chambers claimed the police know who the killer is, but they are looking for more evidence.

"My thoughts right now are more positive, and I have new hope right now since the investigation," Chambers said. "I talked to the investigator and he gave me some good information... They know who done it and they got proof. They just need some more proof."

The parents say their daughter was fearful of gang members before the girl was burned alive on December 6, 2014. At one point, the cheerleader was associated with the Mississippi gangs in some manner, and she mentioned to her mother that someone believed her to be a "snitch." The girl went to a Christian center for rehab, but it is believed the gang members burned the girl alive in order to send "a message."

According to a report by the Chattanogan, it is also possible she "spurned a relationship invitation by a black gang member," so in retaliation, the gang kidnapped her, gang-raped her in a Batesville hotel, and then took her to a remote area to be burned alive in her own vehicle. The manner in which she was killed was made more horrific by the fact that they squirted lighter fluid down her throat, and into her nose, before lighting her ablaze.

The resulting crackdown on the local gang members may result in some justice, but justice for Jessica will not be found with these men, since Panola County Sheriff Dennis Darby has confirmed that the arrests are not directly related to Chambers' death. The heinous nature of the crime did have one positive side effect, causing "more and more anonymous tips from the black community" to come in from the hot lines.

"The black people in crime-ridden neighborhoods hate what is happening," said one police chief in Detroit. "You have the fear factor, that they'll shoot your children, but then there is the friend factor, where some people have kept children overnight who have since turned to gangs. What they don't realize is if they don't turn these guys in, they'll get shot or killed instead."

The FBI is saying that they plan on going after the gang members "hard," and Sheriff Darby says the gangs have fair warning.

"We've told them and told them that this was coming. We're not playing with them anymore. This is some part of it … it's the state, the feds, and us working together on this staff," the sheriff said.

If police are going to arrest anyone on murder charges, Jessica's mother, Lisa Daugherty, has made it quite clear that she hopes the murder arrest is true.

"I don't want them to just pick up someone and say, 'Oh, we have evidence that this is going to be it.' No. I want the right one," she said, according to the Clarion-Ledger. "I don't want a fall guy. I want THE guy. Girl. Whatever."

During the new Jessica Chambers update, the FBI released a list of names of all the suspects arrested during "Operation Bite Back."

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