GTA V ‘Trevor’ Voice Actor Steven Ogg To Appear In Walking Dead? [VIDEO]

UPDATE: March 29, 2016. Steven Ogg will appear in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, he is shown in the featured sneak peek video above.

Steven Ogg, the actor who provided the voice for Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V, is supposedly going to join the cast of The Walking Dead. According to a report on UPROXX, the GTA V actor was seen at the Walking Dead season 6 wrap party, which suggested the possibility he will be on the show, most likely as one of Negan’s Saviors. UPROXX provided a tweet from Ogg saying that he had met some amazing people at the wrap party and that it was an amazing opportunity. A TWD superfan tweeted back and said “It was a pleasure to meet you at twd wrap party. Can’t wait to see your performance in #TheWalkingDead.”

Ogg provides the voice in GTA V for the character “Trevor Phillips” who is a criminal that often uses a baseball bat as a weapon of choice. That would be right up Ogg’s alley if he were to play a Savior on TWD because the leader of the Saviors, Negan, uses a bat to “punctuate” his authority. Ogg has not confirmed whether or not he is going to be cast on TWD, and there has been no other confirmation from the show about the GTA V voice actor being on the series. However, four days before Steven tweeted about his visit to Georgia, The Walking Dead Fans Facebook page posted that Ogg had already been cast as a Savior. Also on Ogg’s Twitter feed around the same time, it shows that the actor started following The Walking Dead and other actors from the series. Could that just be a coincidence or does it mean Ogg got a role on the show?

Another indicator that Ogg will be joining the show is on the Walking Dead wiki. There is a file photo of Steven Ogg, much like other file photos that are on pages that describe other actors on the series like Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and others. The photo is the only thing there though; there is no explanation or any facts about the actor, just the photo. A lot of fans speculated early on that Ogg would play Negan, which would be an obvious choice given who Ogg plays on GTA V. However, it was revealed that Jeffery Dean Morgan has been cast as the big bad Negan, but speculation that Ogg will be one of Negan’s henchmen is still popular.

The 6’3″ Ogg is Canadian, and he got started in acting by appearing in a National Film Board of Canada advertisement. After that, Ogg appeared in various theater productions. However, Ogg decided to pursue a sports career but an injury cut that career short. Ogg moved to New York where he began acting professionally, and starred in TV shows such as Law & Order and Third Watch, as well as theater work and voice acting. Rockstar Games eventually hired Ogg to be the voice actor and motion capture artist for Trevor Philips in Grand Theft Auto V. Ogg’s portrayal of the career criminal won him praise and critical acclaim, which opened the door for Ogg to appear in other projects. One role was on another AMC show, Better Call Saul. Ogg played a character Sobchak in one episode of BCS.

Based on his GTA V character, Ogg should fit right in as one of the criminal bikers in Negan’s gang on The Walking Dead. Do you think that GTA V‘s Trevor would make a good Savior on TWD?

[Image via YouTube/Rockstar Games]