Louis Tomlinson's Girl Band, Lap Dance Are ‘X Factor’ Related?

When it comes to headlines about Louis Tomlinson and X Factor, most fans have an idea of what to expect when they start reading the article. On the other hand, Louis Tomlinson has a few X Factor-related stories in the media over late October that can be perceived as unexpected.

Comedy writer and actor Seth Meyers has a recurring skit on his Late Night show on NBC where he does a comedy skit based on Venn diagrams. On January 13, Seth Meyers did a Venn diagram of One Direction and kidney stones that had funny results when the two themes were mixed.

However, if Seth Meyers were to mix Louis Tomlinson with X Factor today, the weird things that would come out of it in real life are headlines related to a new girl band -- and allegedly a lap dance.

Naturally, Louis Tomlinson fans are on the edge of their seats since 1D's last concert for the On The Road Again tour happens on October 31. With the end of this chapter in One Direction's career coming up fast, all eyes are on Louis Tomlinson and where his solo career will go in 2016.

Of course, Louis Tomlinson will be spending time raising his baby with his friend and co-parent, Briana Jungwirth. In some instances, it has appeared that Louis Tomlinson will raise his baby girl in Los Angeles -- and at other times it looks like Briana Jungwirth is bonding with Louis' family in the U.K.

While his future residence is still up in the air, when Louis Tomlinson finally parks his tour bus, some fans hope it will be next to the studios where X Factor is filmed.

Unfortunately, Simon Cowell has allegedly been dealing with slumping ratings for the X Factor show that originally got Louis Tomlinson and the One Direction guys together -- and Louis Walsh returning (and perhaps Louis Tomlinson coming on as a new judge) was seen as a solution to the ratings, according to the Daily Mail.

Simon Cowell and Katie Couric have fun at a celebrity event outside of X Factor. Cowell is known for being flirtatious.
When Simon Cowell is not doing X Factor-related business, he is known to have a bit of flirtatious fun with other celebrities. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Stringer/Getty Images for Yahoo)

Although it was never absolutely denied that Louis Tomlinson would be a judge on the show for many months, it was recently confirmed that Louis Tomlinson would join Simon Cowell in the Judge's House segment on X Factor on October 20, according to Yahoo! Celebrity U.K.

Interestingly, the Belfast Telegraph points out on October 21 that in an interview with The Sun, Louis Tomlinson stated that he was practically begging for Simon Cowell to let him have a larger role on the X Factor, in addition to being a part of the Judge's House. Louis Tomlinson was quoted as saying the following.

"I've handed my CV to Simon for next year's show, so we will see how it goes … It's definitely something I am thinking about. I am the biggest X Factor fan and I would love to be there week in, week out and really give that level of passion. I think I would be a decent judge."
Outside of the show, it also appears that Louis Tomlinson has some of his own ideas for his future that are X Factor-related. In particular, Simon Cowell has approached Louis Tomlinson about being part of the creative talent in a girl band that Cowell wants to put together.

Along with that, Louis Tomlinson has been offered a lap dance -- and it has an X Factor connection.

The Mirror writes on October 24 that the lap dance may have been offered to sway Louis Tomlinson's opinion by a contestant named Bupsi. Despite the attempts to be flirty by Bupsi, it appears that Louis Tomlinson did not allow it to change his expression.

Simon Cowell poses with dogs in order to show that he has a good sense of humor. He works with charities in his celebrity life and shares his wealth.
Simon Cowell often shows that he has a sense of humor in addition to a good nose for talent. (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Stringer/Getty Images)

As for the girl band project that Louis Tomlinson is being asked to work on -- it appears things are moving quickly. When giving an X Factor preview on October 23, Louis Tomlinson was quoted by MTV as stating the following.

"I've got, like, a little label imprint, so I'm trying to work with that at the moment … I'm lucky enough to be working with Simon [Cowell]. We've got a few different projects going on at the moment — one of which [is] we're actually trying to put a girl band together. Yeah, it's just really exciting to be involved in the different side of it, the background."
Outside of X Factor, it was reported on October 22 by Entertainment Weekly that Louis Tomlinson will be making music with Liam Payne on the One Direction hiatus.

Nevertheless, no other information has been revealed about the "few different projects going on at the moment" that Louis Tomlinson has hinted at.

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