One Direction’s Rainbow Bear Plus Grayson Pic Means ‘Larry Stylinson’ Is Real?

One Direction has allegedly been championing their informal mascot called Rainbow Bondage Bear — but is the addition of a Larry Grayson photo “proof” that “Larry Stylinson” is real?

Over the summer of 2015, it was clear that bears had become part of the music tour culture for bands like One Direction and My Morning Jacket. Are bands like My Morning Jacket and One Direction paying homage to The Grateful Dead dancing bear — or is there a different reason for the 1D bear?

Interpretations may vary, but One Direction’s Rainbow Bondage Bear and sidekick Sugar Baby Bear seems to have more implied meaning for fans than My Morning Jacket’s bear — and an addition to RBB’s shrine at 1D concerts is being used to construe the future of the “Larry Stylinson” relationship.

What are the origins of Rainbow Bondage Bear? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Rainbow Bear has been around for awhile. Adding to the lore of Rainbow Bondage Bear, a Yahoo! Celebrity UK report from September 24 states the following.

“The bear was first thrown onstage by a fan at one of Manchester’s Where We Are tour dates back in 2014, with either one of the boys or a member of crew keeping it to dress up, first being seen in what looked like bondage gear, thus the nickname ‘Rainbow Bondage Bear.'”

Now, there are reports that One Direction’s Rainbow Bondage Bear is getting the recognition it deserves — but will fans understand who Larry Grayson is?

Rainbow Bondage Bear has become a symbol of the romantic relationship fans construe between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson called “Larry Stylinson.” Although it has been implied by some fans that Harry and Louis are dressing up Rainbow Bondage Bear to give “Larry Stylinson” fans clues — this is an unconfirmed rumor.

However, is the Larry Grayson photo added to Rainbow Bondage Bear and Sugar Baby Bear (as this Twitter photo shows at the Birmingham shows between October 10 to 12) one of the “Larry Stylinson” clues that Louis and Harry hope One Direction fans will pick up on?

For many One Direction fans, “Larry Stylinson” is serious business, and there are multiple Twitter accounts dedicated to this assumed relationship. Good examples are @WhyLarryIsReal with 166,000 followers.

As the One Direction tour is winding down and they are preparing for their 2016 hiatus, focus on Rainbow Bondage Bear seems to grow. In fact, RBB has been bumped up in the celebrity ranks with another fan page on Twitter — and this one already has 33,500 followers.

Regardless, when Rainbow Bondage Bear appears in Twitter feeds for Americans, they might miss the point of who Larry Grayson is and how he contributes to the “Larry Stylinson” speculations.

On October 11, Yahoo! Celebrity UK reported that there have been references to Larry Grayson at recent One Direction shows and state the following.

“[T]he last couple of weeks alone [RBB has] been positioned next to a framed photo of closeted [gay] TV personalities Larry Grayson and John Inman …”

But is someone in One Direction actually dressing up Rainbow Bondage Bear — and did One Direction plant a pic of Larry Grayson as a “Larry Stylinson” hint?

Yahoo! Celebrity UK continues by stating that “Fans of the boys are pretty much convinced that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are the ones behind dressing the bears, with the band’s drummer, Josh Devine, previously sharing pics with RBB backstage — proving that it is definitely somebody who is close to 1D.”

But is it realistic to believe that One Direction fans would remember Larry Grayson? While he was a popular icon of the 1970s in the U.K., Larry Grayson died in 1995 before many One Direction fans were born.

As it appears, One Direction U.K. fans could have been reminded of Larry Grayson references due to a recent article in a popular U.K. newspaper.

According to a Daily Mail report from July 15, “The BBC officially claimed stars like Larry Grayson and John Inman were just ‘waiting for the right woman to come along’ because no-one could be openly gay, a former newsreader has revealed.”

[Feature image via Keystone/Stringer/Getty Images]