Mystery As Hundreds Of Sex Toys Dangle From Power Lines In Portland, Oregon

Someone has been up to no good in Portland recently as passersby are amazed, embarrassed, or just plain amused to see hundreds of sex toys dangling from the power lines. The sex toys, in shades of white and orange, have been hung all over town.

Making for quite the photo opportunity, the dildos have been hung up on the power lines in pairs, and there are literally hundreds of sex toys on display.

According to Lisa Leddy of the Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement, they have received many and various reports of the rather embarrassing sightings.

Naturally, social media, particularly Twitter, is ablaze with photos and funny comments about the hundreds of sex toys dangling from the power lines.

Fortunately a spokesman for the public utility Portland General Electric, who manage the decorated power lines, says they don't believe the hundreds of sex toys pose any kind of fire hazard, but the story is of course getting pretty hot all on its own.

The affected power lines cover several major commercial streets in Portland, so the sight of hundreds of sex toys dangling in the breeze makes for a mixed range of emotions. Some people are completely embarrassed, others amused, and some just plain curious about their origins.Philly Voice quotes one of the residents, Lucila Cejas Epple, as saying she first spotted the hundreds of sex toys when attending a neighborhood street fair over the weekend. She said you could spot the orange and white toys on several different intersections and there were so many different reactions to the sight.
"Some would blush, others would laugh, and most would take photos."
On some social media forums the comments are rife, with one saying that the problem appears to be growing.
"There were only two dildos on the lines when I was there."

"Run for the hills, they're multiplying."

As to how the hundreds of sex toys actually got up there, according to Yahoo! News they appear to have been tied together and hoisted up on the power lines in pairs, so that there is a counter-weight, rather like someone might tie shoelaces together and toss up a pair of shoes.

While the story has only hit the media now, the video below was posted to YouTube on June 28, so the story of the hundreds of sex toys dangling from power lines has been ongoing for some time.

However, as to the prankster who is actually responsible for hundreds of sex toys dangling all over Portland, Oregon, no one seems to know.

The subject does tend to bring to mind the story of CNN reporting a sighting of an ISIS flag in a gay pride parade, which actually had images of butt plugs and dildos emblazoned all over it. That was definitely an embarrassing incident (for CNN anyway).

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]