Lana Del Rey Imitated By Princess, Forced To Spend $3M

Lana Del Rey recently finished her Endless Summer tour and started teasing her fans with a taste of her upcoming Honeymoon album. Despite these happy life events, Lana Del Rey has some shade in her life that she has been forced to deal with — and one involves a princess.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lana Del Rey has a history with fans being rude — and downright pushy. All of this has culminated into Lana Del Rey needing extra seclusion.

Unfortunately, needing to deepen boundaries between her private life and fans cost Lana Del Rey $3 million. Previously, according to the Daily Mail U.K., Lana Del Rey’s old address is the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles that is known for being upscale.

Sadly, fans could easily get to Lana Del Rey’s home, tend to camp out near the house, and have even breached the fence in the back of her home.

Obviously, many creative people would feel that the kind of environment that Lana Del Rey experiences in Hancock Park is counterproductive to producing Grammy-winning work. The Atlantic published an article in February, 2014, where Lana Del Rey discusses filmmaker Ingmar Bergman’s creative process and states the following.

“… the artistic process unfolds in the lonely hours. That’s when the work happens. You have to control the creative energy that you’ve got. You have to discipline yourself to fulfill it. And that work only happens alone.”

In addition to having to admit that her fans are crossing the line, Lana Del Rey is also being shadowed by a princess. Is the media trying to put Lana Del Rey in the same genre or category as this princess?

The Guardian U.K. posted an article on June 12 that stated Princess Chelsea created a solo album that “is a watery pop confection that attempts the glitz and disaffected glam of a Lana Del Rey but comes off as sounding a bit, well, depressed.”

How did the ball get rolling with Princess Chelsea and Lana Del Rey name drops? Part of promoting Princess Chelsea and mentioning Lana Del Rey comes from an interview Princess Chelsea did in late April with Under the Radar. In it, she talks about Lana Del Rey.

“As long as the aesthetic you choose to compliment your music is your own concept and you are being ‘yourself’ (even if you’re playing an exaggerated character as in the case of Lana Del Rey), then it can be inspiring and an art form of itself.”

In the end, if Lana Del Rey takes on her princess mini-me wannabe, she definitely has the perfect place to entertain music royalty. TMZ reported on June 13 that Lana Del Rey’s new Malibu beachfront property has all the right touches for guests of high standing — but will be remodeling anyway.

Insiders in the real estate market told TMZ that Lana Del Rey’s new property is completely enclosed by a rock barrier — perfect for seclusion.

[Feature image via Getty Images]