Graphic Video Surfaces Of A Guatemalan Girl, 16, Screaming In Agony As She’s Being Burned Alive In Street By Vigilante Mob

Shocking and unbelievable video footage of a 16-year-old girl, who murdered a 68-year-old taxi driver, was seen tortured and burned alive in the street of Guatemala, reports the Daily Mail.

According to reports, a gang allegedly shot and killed Carlos Enrique González Noriega just before robbing him and taking off. As they were running, they could hear the mob nearby and decided to split.

Two of the suspects took a different route while the girl – whose name has not been released to the public – ran down the road near the village of Rio Bravo, 77 miles west of capital Guatemala City where the mob was located.

When she ran into the vigilante mob, they immediately began torturing her for murdering the taxi driver. Hundreds of people gathered around cheering as several unidentified men and woman punched, kicked, and pulled the helpless teens’ hair.

The graphic video – which cannot be published – shows the teen girl making several attempts to get up, but the crowd continues to knock her down. At one point in the video, a woman from the crowd is seen grabbing the teen by her hair and smashing her face into the pavement with full force.

With her face bloodied, bruised, and swollen, she finally gets up and tries to escape, but is pushed back by the crowd.

Seconds later, gasoline is poured on her and she is set ablaze. She is seen falling to the ground, squirming and screaming in agony for several seconds.

Her final demise came seconds later when a man came over with a can of petrol and poured it on the burning victim, sending her up in sky-high flames. She is then seen letting out a horrific scream before she went silent.

With hundreds of people looking on, no one came to her rescue. A police spokesperson told reporters that they were on site but were being blocked off by bystanders.

The graphic video was first uploaded on YouTube and seen by thousands of people before it was deleted. Social media users are now watching the horrific video via Facebook, and most users are in complete and utter shock after watching the 16-year-old girl get burned alive by the vigilante mob.

Police officials have since launched an investigation.

[Image courtesy of Mark Kolbe/Getty Images]