Michael Jackson's Ghost Visits Tito? Not The First Sighting

Maryam Louise

Michael Jackson fans are fond of saying his spirit lives on, but in some cases this is interpreted on a much deeper level. Although some see paranormal experiences as questionable, Michael Jackson's own brother is convinced that he has had an experience of an otherworldly nature -- and it involved Michael Jackson. Interestingly, this is not the first time Michael Jackson's ghostly presence has been recorded.

Lately, the world has been enjoying seeing Michael Jackson honored in the form of a Moonwalking protester in Baltimore. However, the big news in England is that Tito Jackson has been in touch with Michael Jackson's ghost.

In a May 1 interview with the Mirror U.K., they say Tito Jackson told them, "Michael Jackson's spirit regularly visits his family – especially when they perform."

Adding to that, Tito also says he looks to the spirit of Michael Jackson in times of trouble and stated, "I have had times when I silently talk to him. I'll ask him a question. 'What should I do?'"

Tito Jackson goes on to say about Michael Jackson, "All the time I feel his spirit, especially when I'm performing with the brothers on stage at a live performance. You can feel the spirit all the time, absolutely. It's a happy feeling because Michael was a warm, happy, loving person. It's a comforting feeling."

Tito Jackson's experience with Michael Jackson's ghost is not the first time that the spirit of the King of Pop has been felt -- or seen. In May 2014, a fan caught an image of Michael Jackson's ghost above the head of a Michael Jackson impersonator.

The Daily Mail U.K. stated, "Reece Savva, 14, from Bromley, Kent, took three snaps of the Jackson tribute act as he waited in line for a signature. But when he got home and looked at the pictures he noticed what appears - sort of, if you squint - to be the ghost of the late entertainer hovering above his impersonator's head in one of the frames."

In 2013, the Cirque de Soleil also stated that they saw Michael Jackson's ghost. They told the Mirror U.K. that the theater where they performed was haunted by Michael Jackson -- and that makes a lot of sense, considering it is the Las Vegas Michael Jackson Theater. The theater show, ONE, was an attempt to bring fans closer to the departed Michael Jackson -- and it worked!

The Mirror U.K. states that a director said, "His presence is definitely here.You close your eyes and he's in the room. Hopefully he will be sitting here saying that is great."

Another creator of the Michael Jackson ONE show said, "I have sensed from the very beginning at Michael has been with me all along. I am not just the story creator and director, but that I am the co director with Michael."

The Michael Jackson ONE Director of Creation, Welby Altidor states that you should be careful what you call paranormal examples of Michael and says, "We never refer to Michael as a ghost. We refer to him as a presence."

As far as personal accounts of Michael Jackson's ghost go, the one with the most weight involved a lawsuit between AEG Live and the estate of Michael Jackson. During that time, testimony of Brenda Richie, ex-wife of Lionel Richie, was used. Brenda Richie claimed that Michael Jackson has visited her several times after his death.

In 2013, NME reported, "Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG Live, testified about talks had with the ghost of Jackson. Phillips said his friend Brenda Richie spoke to a medium or contacted Michael Jackson's spirit herself. The ghost of the singer, who died in 2009, apparently said he 'accidentally killed himself'."

In other words, if you ever see or feel Michael Jackson's presence, be careful what you say, because your words could be used in a court of law!

For those interested in seeing if Michael Jackson's ghost appears around his family, the good news is that many of them perform year-round. Although Sony Records has an official website for Michael Jackson, news about Tito and his other musically-gifted family members can be found at the fansite, Jackson Source. For example, Tito Jackson will be likely be feeling Michael Jackson's spirit when he releases a solo album on July 17 in London.

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