Vince McMahon, 69, Looks Totally Yoked, Ripped And Jacked On Cover Of ‘Muscle & Fitness,’ Bringing Steroid And Photoshop Questions

Vince McMahon Muscle And Fitness

There’s a photo of Vince McMahon on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine that has everyone from the Pardon The Interruption hosts to journalists online pontificating over the 69-year-old’s body, and whether or not McMahon gained all those muscles via natural means or with the use of steroids. Vince McMahon looks pretty ripped for a gentleman of a certain age, says Yahoo Sports‎, who notes that the nearly 70-year-old Vince — head of WWE — isn’t growing old gracefully, but says McMahon is growing old fiercely.

Searching for recent videos of Vince McMahon on YouTube that might show McMahon’s muscles un-Photoshopped, or at least Vince’s workout routine proved futile, however Muscle & Fitness magazine has a “Train like Vince McMahon” article that shows folks his purported exercise and weight lifting routine.

On Twitter, Vince McMahon made fun of himself and his own Muscle & Fitness magazine cover, calling himself a meathead. A scroll down most of the videos and images posted to McMahon’s Twitter account only display Vince fully suited up — although the suit does appear to be bursting at the seams with muscles — there isn’t a shirtless photo recently published to be found in order to compare the Muscle & Fitness magazine cover with live-action reality.

I’m still a “meathead.” Thanks @Muscle_Fitness.

Of course, after such a stunning photo of a 69-year-old man like Vince went viral, folks on social media began touting the “steroids” and “Photoshop” message. However, McMahon, who said he took steroids years ago, says his muscles these days are due to his workout plan, and not other nefarious means. Indeed, some fitness competitions like the National Physique Committee — better known as the NPC — provide drug testing to their amateur competitors that rise to a certain level in the competitions, to ensure no steroids are being used.

Within two hours of the WWE CEO Vince McMahon posting his photo to Twitter, the photo flew around the Internet, with folks much younger than 69 sharing their amazement that a man that age could look that super ripped. After all, in the fitness community, it is known that people who’ve trained their muscles for years can enjoy a certain “muscle memory” look at 69 years of age, in comparison to those who haven’t weight-trained all those years.

Either way, Vince McMahon image is going even more viral that David Wells’ recent Twitter joke about cheating on his wife, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image via Vince McMahon on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine]