Ghana Sex Tapes: ‘Limping Man’ Has Sex With 64 Women, Films The Action

It seems one should be careful when getting a camera repaired these days. A Ghana man sent his camera in for repair recently, forgetting to remove the memory card containing rather revealing sex tapes.

The repairman took the card out of the camera and happened to notice a video file on the card. It turns out the man, who is apparently physically impaired and walks with a limp, had video files on the memory card showing him having sex with at least 64 different women in Ghana.

According to local Ghanaian news sources, the sex tapes are currently doing the rounds in the Akyem Begoro area and people are getting upset, especially the husbands of some of the women who were apparently willingly involved and starring on the tapes.

Yaw Offei, 50, is apparently the guy behind the whole controversy. He is a physically-challenged photographer and is apparently both an elder and the choir leader of a local church.

Peacefmonline said rather quaintly that the limping man is now “currently on the run” after police and other people in the area have launched a manhunt to find him.

The story behind the videos is that the photographer invited ladies of all ages into his photo studio. Apparently, there is a sofa in the studio where he manages to persuade the women to have sex with him, all the while filming the action without their knowledge. Many of the women were apparently married or otherwise involved with other men, and it seems that the sex was completely consensual.

He was only caught when he made the mistake of sending the camera in for repair, including a memory card of the sex tapes.

Even better, according to some sources, the repairman allegedly tried to bribe Offei, demanding an amount of $880 to stop the offending videos from being leaked. Offei managed to come up with $734, refused to pay any more, and the repairman went ahead and released the sex tapes to the public.

Besides the noticeable absence of Offei in the area, apparently the women who featured in the tapes have allegedly left town and their whereabouts are currently unknown.

The various news services in Ghana watched the videos and Peacefmonline found out that some of the women were happy to have sex with Offei as he paid them for the service and they needed the money for themselves and their children.

While most media reports state there were 64 women involved, according to Live Ghana Radio and a couple of other sources, there were actually 84 in total.

Apparently Offei’s wife was distraught when she heard the news of the released sex tapes. Known as Joyce, the women said the news of her husband’s involvement with the women was a great shock.

She said their home is close to her husband’s photo studio, and she cannot imagine how she missed what was happening. It now seems possible neighbors had been trying to let her know what was going on, but she only found out once the sex tapes started doing the rounds.

As for the police, apparently Begoro District Police Commander, Samuel Odame confirmed they had received reports about the sex tapes. Odama confirmed there had bee a rush of people wanting to get their hands on the tapes, and he appealed to youth in the area to stop circulating them. Apparently, police investigations continue although there is no mention of what charge Offei might face other than the wrath of a possible 64 husbands and boyfriends.

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