Pornhub Star Mia Khalifa Says Drake Sent Semi-Naked Photos Via Instagram DMs [Video]


Well now, Billboard is reporting that Drake has gotten called out for direct messaging Mia Khalifa, with the Lebanese porn star claiming that some celebrity whose name rhymes with “rake” tried to get with her via Instagram, as she admitted when Mia interviewed with WQAM 560. Drake has admitted to giving porn stars attention in the past – but Drake never named Mia Khalifa as one of them in the lyrics of his “Lord Knows” song.

“It’s your worst nightmare, it’s my first night here
And this girl right here, who knows what she knows?
So I’m going through her phone if she go to the bathroom
And her purse right there, I don’t trust these hoes at all
But that’s just the result of me paying attention
To all these women that think like men with the same intentions
Talking strippers and models that try to gain attention
Even a couple pornstars that I’m ashamed to mention”

Mia Khalifa didn’t initially want to name anyone famous who has tried to hook up with her via social media, but she told the WQAM reporter she would spill the beans about what their celebrity name rhymes with.

WQAM: “What famous person has tried to contact you?”

MIA: “Oh I would never reveal that!”

WQAM: “You can blow ’em up, don’t worry.”

MIA: “No way, I would never reveal that, that’s rude.”

WQAM: “Give me a name it rhymes with?”

MIA: “Oh my God, it rhymes with ‘Rake.'”


Drake’s intentions were obviously clear, Khalifa claimed, calling it a creepy exchange as the WQAM host said it was such a “rake” thing to do, not “rape” thing to do, as this reporter initially thought he said. Anyway, Billboard goes on to report that Mia claimed Drake-as-rake sent her half naked pics as well via Instagram DM messages.

“It was flattering but his intentions were clear. It was just so cringeworthy.”

Pornhub star Khalifa has notably received death threats specifically stemming from her Lebanon heritage, where some call her disgraceful to her culture.