These Celebrities Don’t Measure Up To The Leading Men Of Yesterday — On A Tape Measure, That Is

male celebrities are short

America is a country known for liking things big. Big cars, big buildings, big corporations, big national parks. But apparently there is one thing that Americans prefer smaller — male celebrities.

This video will likely surprise you, listing the heights of 21 extremely popular and successful celebrity men who measure up well short of the national average male height, which is just over 5’9″. Even superhero stars like Robert Downey Jr., who went from mere stardom to worldwide mega-celebrity thanks to his role as the Marvel Comics hero Iron Man, stand less tall than average.

And this video, by the towering figures at BuzzFeed, doesn’t even mention Tom Cruise, who lists his height as 5’7″.

There was a day when the men Americans looked up to were men they literally looked up to. Since the election of six-foot-tall John F. Kennedy in 1960, every U.S. president except Jimmy Carter — at the exact average of 5′ 9 1/2″ — has stood at least 5′ 11 1/2″. And of those, all but George W. Bush and Richard Nixon have topped the six-foot mark.

America’s silver screen leading men were also, until relatively recently, traditionally tall. Cary Grant stood 6’2″, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood both 6’4″, Sean Connery measured 6’2″, and Jimmy Stewart an inch taller.

Now take a look at this short — in more ways than one — BuzzFeed video and decide for yourself. How do today’s male celebrities measure up?