Guy Asks 100 Random Girls To Have Sex With Him, What Do You Think Happened? [VIDEOS]

Some of the most interesting experiments are easily the social kind. Thanks to Youtube, not only can anyone do a social experiment, but an audience of millions can view the mayhem that usually ensues. Always happy to share any earth-shaking innovation or life changing inventions (detect a tiny hint of sarcasm here), The Inquisitr often reports on the many unusual social experiments on the popular user video website.

Probably, one of the best social experiment videos showed us how society reacts to a couple fighting in public. In one scenario, the man abuses the woman, and then the roles are reversed. While good, old-fashioned common sense might tell us this is a potentially dangerous “experiment, what do you think happened in both scenarios of domestic violence?

Now there is another social experiment that has caused quite a stir on the internet. A man went around public asking 100 random women the exact, same annoying question: Would they have sex with him?

Most people would wonder why in the world a man would go around asking 100 random women to have sex with them as a social experiment? The answer is to test a quote made by Archduke Franz Ferdinand in which he said the following:

“If you ask 100 people to have sex, at least 1 will say yes.”

The Youtube channel, Whatever, decided to take the initiative on this and they had a man… well… ask 100 random women to have sex with him. Unfortunately, it seems that the man – who is a handsome looking guy – couldn’t get one girl to have sex with him, thus making Ferdinand’s statement false… or is it? The same experiment was done with a woman asking men if they would have sex with her. The results were very different.

Along with testing Ferdinand’s opinion, the experiment’s true purpose was to show the difference on how males and females respond to such an abrupt proposal. RYOT followed up on this experiment by reporting how vulgar or gender-orientated the comments were for both experiments. Let’s just say most of them were degrading not just for the people conducting the experiment, but to those participating too.

Now we want to know what you would do in such a situation. How would you respond with such a question? Pertaining to the experiment itself, was this a good social experiment showing the gender divide in modern American culture or was it a ridiculous experiment that was just disgusting? Let us know in the comments below.