Zac Efron Boasts Of His 'Beautiful' Penis [Video]

Zac Efron claims he has a very beautiful penis, and he shows it to four other guys to prove just how amazing it is. The other guys drop their jaws in awe as they stare at the magnificence that is Zac Efron's penis, with one of the guys even describing it as the "Lebron James of c**ks".

Wait, what is happening?

Before you burst your head in disbelief, it's all for a viral skit for the Comedy Central show Workaholics, where Zac Efron and Seth Rogen appears as guests. In the skit, posted on Youtube last Wednesday, Zac and Seth compete with each other to become the fourth member of Adam, Anders and Blake's cubicle by boasting about their unique qualities, from their sex life to their "vibe" to the beauty of their...yup, penis.

In the vid, Zac ad Seth sit side by side as they are being interviewed by cogs Adam, Anders and Blake. Zac tells the guys the numerous sexual encounters he's had while Rogen awkwardly boasts that he knows a lot of older women, "some of the divorced". When asked to show their "vibes", Rogen does a weird miming skit while Zac showcases his sweet, sweet dance moves to the gang. He even had the guys fighting over his lap dances, and makes one guy a bit envious that he didn't get to experience the Efron swirls on his thighs. Meanwhile, Seth is being ignored by the gang and is later dismissed by the cubicle guys, concluding that Rogen "sucks" and Efron "rules". Later on, when Efron claims that he's Jewish, Seth challenges him to show his penis so everyone could see his "Jewish c**k". Zac gladly obliges, unzips his pants, and shows his "beautiful" penis, to the delight of the guys and Seth who could not contain their words of praise over Zac's love stick.

Zan and Seth's appearance on the skit was mainly to promote their upcoming movie Neighbors, which hits theaters on May 9. It is about a couple, played by Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, who tries to raise a baby in a house situated next to a frat house, led by Zac Efron. Preliminary reviews are mostly positive. Top critic Andrew Barker from Variety showers Zac's performance in the film with praises, saying "Zac Efron gives one of his most credible and intriguing performances in this winningly stupid frat comedy."

[Image is MTV screenshot]