Anna Kendrick Flaunts Her Curves In Swimsuit

Anna Kendrick
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Triston Brewer

Anna Kendrick is an Oscar and Tony-nominated actress known for a wide variety of appearances on both the small screen and silver screen that have cemented her unofficial status as an 'American Sweetheart.'

Her star rose once she starred opposite George Clooney, and it has been coming up roses ever since! Adept at handling comedic or dramatic roles, there seems to be nothing this 36-year-old cannot do! With a slew of upcoming features on her slate and a penchant for hamming it up on her Instagram account for her 21.7 million fans, Anna aims to please and rarely misses!

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Anna Kendrick Glams It Up In Pink Swimsuit

Anna is not just a comedic name in the industry known for roles as supporting characters and sometimes even the star. She is also known for her intelligent fashion sense on the red carpets around the world when her movies premier or simply when she spends time getting a bit of rest and relaxation.

In a pink one-piece swimsuit, the singer and actress strikes just the right chord between demure and sweet and sexy and scintillating. It's clear that Anna knows her angles and how to maximize them, and the color is pitch perfect!

Anna Is An Admitted Sci-Fan Fan

Anna Kendrick
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A self-professed nerd, Anna is not ashamed about where her interests lie. She is the host of a yearly Lord of the Rings marathon that fans would surely check out if they are able to! Other favorites of the actress include Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones. We are sure that Anna is excited about the upcoming spinoff to Game of Thrones set to debut on HBO soon!

Rocket Science Launched Her Career

Anna Kendrick
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She has been in a few blockbusters, but it was the indepdent film Rocket Science that first brought her considerable attention. As Ginny Ryerson, she got the attention of Edgar Wright and Jason Reitman, both directors that ended up casting her in the movies that made her a household name – Up in the Air and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Why You Should Follow Anna On Twitter

Anna Kendrick
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Aside from her Instagram account, Anna also is quite active on Twitter, and some of her tweets are considered gold. In so many posts, she comes across as the girl-next-door that anyone can relate to and this is one of her most endearing qualities!