NFL News: 49ers Look Ready To Move On From Jimmy Garoppolo

San Francisco 49ers
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Tristin McKinstry

Time is a funny thing. There are moments when time can feel like it is standing still. And there are others where it feels as if time is running out.

For Jimmy Garoppolo, time began running out on his San Francisco 49ers career when the team traded into the 3rd overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. When the team selected North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance, his days in the Bay Area were officially numbered.

If the team's stance on Lance or Garoppolo was in any doubt, an interaction ESPN reporter Dianna Russini shared on 'Get Up' this week will put those doubts to rest.

Bubbling Frustration

San Francisco 49ers
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Russini appeared on 'Get Up' where she commented on the 49ers quarterback situation. Specifically, she mentioned her interaction with an unnamed 49ers source who gave a rather emphatic answer when asked about the situation under center.

“When I asked what’s going on with your quarterback position? This source wrote back, ‘What else do I need to say to you to make it clear that Trey Lance is our quarterback?’ So I was sensing a little bit of frustration with me. But I think the point is that they are moving on," Russini said.

"They want to trade Jimmy Garoppolo and putting out the news that they are allowing him to seek a trade. His agent has been doing work behind the scenes for weeks. But the problem is, there’s a big salary that comes with Jimmy G."

Big Money

San Francisco 49ers
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Garoppolo's place in the team is one thing, and it is a contributing factor in the Niners' desire to move on. However, another contributing factor is the big salary Russini mentioned. The 30-year-old is due to make $24.2 million this upcoming season.

Russini mentions the team could use the cap savings in any trade and try to resign a few of the players they want to sign. The ESPN reporter specifically said defensive end Nick Bosa and wide receiver Deebo Samuel.

It is worth noting that Samuel has put in a trade request, and his frustration seems to stem from a lack of a new contract.

No Need To Stay

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Lance looks primed to be under center beginning in the 2022 season. He sat behind Garoppolo for most of 2021, but the 23-year-old doesn't benefit from having a player of Jimmy G's caliber constantly waiting in the wings.

"And probably the biggest part of this is Trey Lance needs to develop. He does not need a quarterback like Jimmy G, who is beloved in San Francisco and loved by his teammates and has won, sitting on his shoulder here," Russini said.

"So until they can get rid of Jimmy G, it’s almost like a little bit of drama here heading into camp because what are they going to do? But from conversations around the league, once a team gets desperate enough, an injury, poor performance, that’s when Jimmy will get moved.”

What's Next?

San Francisco 49ers
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The Niners are looking to move on from their veteran signal-caller, and there are positives and negatives to mention.

A positive to mention is that Garoppolo is likely the best remaining quarterback option on the trade market. Baker Mayfield was traded to the Carolina Panthers, leaving Jimmy G as the last of the top choices.

On the other hand, the former New England Patriots quarterback is in the last year of his deal. At this point in the year, teams may be willing to go through the season with their current man and sign the 30-year-old in free agency.

Things can change between now and the beginning of the season, but time may be running out on a Jimmy Garoppolo trade.