Miley Cyrus Stuns In Sheer Minidress

Miley Cyrus
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Triston Brewer

Miley Cyrus looked stunning in a mesh dress earlier this year which gave fans yet another series of palpitations. Miley's little black dress is speaking volumes - it has now almost reached a million likes.

Miley Cyrus Is Back In Black!

Miley Cyrus on stage singing
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The 29-year-old star shared the photo to her 170 million Instagram followers dressed in a black sheer paired with black underwear, complementing it with sunglasses and boots. Miley is a pop star that is never afraid to go against the grain, and over the years she has made headlines with her penchant for posing in provocative clothes and challenging the establishment in her own singular way.

Miley’s Love Life Has Been Well-Documented

Miley Cyrus
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The paparazzi and celebrity magazines have been following Miley around for years, and are constantly supplying publications with photos of the latest love in her life. The Hannah Montana actress got engaged to his longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and married in December 2018. The duo seemed to have a good relationship until the singer recently shared insights about her marriage of eight months to Hemsworth. She describes her marriage as a "disaster”. Since divorcing from the actor, Miley has kept her private life more to herself lately, although she has been spotted dating a few musicians over the past year. Her fans are waiting for her to officially name her new paramour, but for now, details about Miley’s love life are merely hearsay.

The Miley Workout Is Nearly Every Day!

Miley Cyrus
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Committing to working out six days weekly, Miley performs pilates for 30 minutes and 2 hours performing yoga in order to keep her core taut and strong. According to her, the two exercises maintain her toned body and give her the energy boosts she needs throughout her busy schedule. Her daily exercise follows a different routine, and she loves trying new exercises like hiking, biking, squats, and bikini. The star also enjoys core-focused exercises and the results have really made an impact on not only how her body looks, but her self-esteem.

The Latest Miley Musical Release

Miley Cyrus
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On April 1st, Miley released her new album to wide acclaim. This came after starring in various movies and closing her deal with NBC Universal Television. Her upcoming project is her show Miley’s New Year's Party, which will be aired for a second season (2022/2023) on NBC. Now that she has two years ushering in the New Year, there is speculation that this could become a staple for the singer and present her platform to an entirely different demographic.