Vanessa Hudgens Flaunts Cleavage In Butterfly Top

Vanessa Hudgens with short hair smiling for a photograph.
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Cha Miñoza

Vanessa Hudgens is once again in her element at Coachella, partying it up in headline-grabbing fashion pieces.

The High School Musical star, who has been dubbed "Queen of Coachella" for her trendsetting style, rocked a cleavage-baring butterfly top in her latest Coachella fashion post, proving that she is still the ultimate festival queen.

Scroll down to see her eye-popping looks!

Butterfly Top Season

Flaunting her tan and toned figure, the Filipina beauty rocked an embellished butterfly top, paired with cut-off denim shorts and white platform shoes.

The unique-looking butterfly top, priced at $695, comes from Area - a New York brand that has an impressive list of celebrity clientele, including Dua Lipa and Olivia Rodrigo.

Hudgens fully embraced her Y2K-inspired outfit, decorating the revealing ensemble with a layering of Jacqui Aiche jewelry pieces.

"Butterfly top season 🦋 last slide- when you see ur girlfriend and didn’t know she was gonna be there 🤣," Vanessa captioned her photos, poking fun at the surprised expression on her face on the last pic.

Vanessa's Butterfly Tattoo

Vanessa's love for butterflies goes beyond fashion. She has a butterfly tattoo on her neck - her first-ever ink, which she got because of its significance to her name.

"A butterfly landed on my mum's stomach a week before I was born and that's how I got my name, because Vanessa means butterfly - it's a Latin derivative," Hudgens explained to David Letterman in a guesting at The Late Show back in 2011.

Her Favorite Coachella Accessory

Previously, Vanessa also wore a pair of butterfly-embellished jeans from the same brand. The fashionista showed off her sparkly fit in an earlier post, which also features a green furry coat, a belt bag, chunky-soled sneakers, and tinted eyeglasses.

Festival fashion wouldn't be complete without accessories and Vanessa's favorite, apart from glowsticks, was a can of Caliwater - a staple in her stash of trinkets, as evidenced by her pics.

Her Caliwater Venture

Caliwater has made an appearance a number of times in Vanessa's festival photos.

Hudgens partnered with a friend to launch the cactus-based drink last year. In an interview, the actress beamed with pride over her new business venture, which was born out of a road trip through New Mexico.

"Anyone who knows me knows I’m terrible at drinking water. I am always dehydrated. It’s an issue...But now that I have Caliwater, I call it my 'candy water,' because it's actually something that I want to drink."

The canned drink is made of cactus water and is filled with antioxidants and nutrients for ultimate refreshment. Just the perfect thirst quencher for Coachella!