'Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me': Alicia Silverstone On Being Vegan

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Alicia Silverstone first stole hearts back in 1995, with her role in Clueless. Over the years, she developed into an outspoken animal rights activist and a proponent of veganism. She also published two books, The Kind Diet, and The Kind Mama. Silverstone opened up recently on the Simply Vegan podcast about how her devotion to being vegan has affected her self-esteem, her health, and her sense of purpose. Scroll down to find out more about her path to loving herself and finding wellness.

The Beginning Of Her Journey

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Alicia became aware of her feelings about animal welfare at the age of 8 when she traveled to the English countryside with her family. It was there that she got her first taste of the dairy industry. She heard the cries of baby cows being separated from their mother and struggled to understand what was going on, although she already felt deeply that it was a cruel practice.

The second step toward veganism began when Silverstone watched The Witness, a documentary about the human-animal relationship. She thought of the dogs she loved so dearly and realized that if she couldn't eat a dog for moral reasons, then she should extend that feeling toward cows, chickens, pigs, and other animals used for food.

By 21, Silverstone had dedicated herself to being vegan and to animal rights activism. Keep reading to find out more about where veganism took her.

The Kind Life

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In 2009, Silverstone released her first book, The Kind Life. The book features recipes and discusses factory farming, climate change, and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. She launched a website, thekindlife.com, and soon followed up with The Kind Mama, a book about vegan parenting. In the process of writing two books and creating a website, she developed an entire approach to life that is based on kindness toward living creatures and a plant-based diet.

She also created MyKind Organics, a cruelty-free brand of vitamins and supplements. The health benefits of a vegan lifestyle are something she wanted to promote along with animal welfare, and the vitamin company has helped her in that way. Keeping reading for more on her projects and recipes.

The Real Heal

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Silverstone is also the host of her own podcast, The Real Heal. The debut episode, which aired on March 10, 2022, featured a licensed psychotherapist and social worker. Silverstone discussed her complicated childhood and the role of childhood trauma in depriving her of self-esteem. Although the podcast is generally devoted to love and healing, the role of veganism in Silverstone's personal healing plays a prominent role. She credits veganism with helping to renew her self-love and her sense of purpose, calling it "the best thing to ever happen to me".

Scroll down to the final section for a list of her favorite recipes.

Her Favorite Recipes

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Adjusting to a vegan lifestyle can be a challenge, but Silverstone's recipes offer an easy way into vegan cooking. Her favorite vegan meals include hummus with vegetables; stir-fry with brown rice; tacos with guacamole, chopped tomatoes, and "refried" pinto beans; raw balls with cacao, almond, maple, salt, walnuts, and coconut. Her book offers a plethora of recipes and ideas. There are also a wealth of ideas in this recipe collection.

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