Surfer Caroline Marks Offers Rear View In Bikini

Caroline Marks close up selfie
instagram | Caroline Marks

Ashabi Azeez

American professional surfer, Caroline Marks, shared photos of her steamy bikini view. She is popular not only as the youngest surfer to ever qualify for the women's Championship tour but also as a feminist and body positivity advocate. She stands to empower females to embrace their body types despite what others might think. To this effect, the 20-year-old surfer has been giving Instagram her amazing bikini views to keep them drooled. 

Steamy Bikini View

Caroline Marks surfing
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The professional surfer stood at a camera angle that captured the confidence in her figure. She posed in a blue two-piece bikini which brought out the exceptional beauty of her body. Standing on the beach with her hair wet and holding onto the straps of her beach underwear, the star surfer presented her steamy bikini view. First, the camera shot showed her raving in the confidence of her arms, legs, and glutes with a smile on her face. The following slide showed her lying on the beach with the view of water droplets on her backside. 

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Contagious Smile

Caroline Marks

Caroline's beautiful face was always plastered with a smile in most of her posts. She looked stunning in a black and white striped two-piece bikini in another post. She sat on the beach sand with a smile on her face, holding a red bull energy drink. Her smile was so contagious that her fans commented on how they loved her smile. One of her fans wrote: "that's a shiny smile," and another commented, "You're happy it's contagious… ". 

Career Passion

Caroline Marks
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The Olympian's initial passion was not to be a surfer but a horseback barrel racer. She loved the idea of rodeo events where she could compete with other racers to complete set patterns. Her love for surfing began when she tried to impress her brothers, who loved surfing. Her unquenchable passion for surfing was discovered when she won her first contest at the age of nine in a neighborhood competition. She became multiple national champions. At the age of 15, the impressive surfer became the first younger female surfer to qualify for the World Surf League Championship Tour. 

Empowering Female Body Positivity

Caroline Marks
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Caroline is serving as an empowering feminist to promote positive body image in women. She does this to reduce the sexualization of young women's bodies, especially those going through puberty. The pro surfer's confidence in her body made her go into bikini modeling. She encouraged young women to embrace their body shapes and sizes and tune down all the negative comments people might throw at them. This courageous attitude has helped the surfer to achieve greater body confidence and supported young women to see the benefits of overcoming the biased definition of a perfect body shape.