Lady Gaga Talks 'House of Gucci' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Lady Gaga in feathers and hair in a bun
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Lindsay Cronin

Lady Gaga attended an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. See what she shared about her role in House of Gucci.

Lady Gaga Loved the Food on Set

Lady Gaga as Patrizia in House of Gucci
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Lady Gaga visited Jimmy Kimmel on the set of his long-running late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, on Tuesday to discuss her latest film, House of Gucci. And, in addition to discussing her thoughts on the film, she looked back on the months she spent in production -- starting with her on-set food memories.

"I ate the entire time... There was so much. The pizza was so good. The pasta was so good, and the sandwiches," Gaga, who acted as Patrizia Reggiani, recalled. "I had so much coffee, though. I had [doubles] all day, every hour."

Lady Gaga Mastered Her Accent Over Time

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Gaga didn't just use her accent on set. Instead, she used it for the entire time she was in production on House of Gucci.

"I spoke in my accent all the time so that I could get really used to talking to somebody with my accent and have a really normal conversation so that I could just be in my body and talk and it was really great for me on set but with my friends and family, I think they had to get used to it," Gaga explained, while speaking in an Italian accent like her character.

Lady Gaga Gushed Over Jared Leto

Lady Gaga yells in House of Gucci
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According to Gaga, she was taken aback by Leto's acting.

"Jared Leto is amazing. It's so great doing scenes with Jared because we're both maniacs to a certain extent. And I think in some sort of way I think unless you're really in tune with yourself as an artist and respect the person you're working with, all that hair and makeup we were both in might make it hard to connect on a real and human level," she explained. "[But] I never met Jared on set. I was always with Paolo."

Lady Gaga Always Wanted To Be An Actress

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Also during the interview, after Kimmel brought up the fact that Gaga didn't set out into the world of entertainment to be a singer, Gaga shared her history.

"I started acting earlier and I always wanted to be an actor much more than I wanted to be a singer and I went to different acting schools. I just always wanted to be an actress but I was really terrible at auditioning," she explained.