Melania Trump’s Life ‘Not So Easy’ Claims Trump While Avoiding The Elephant In The Room [Opinion]

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When speaking to a Pennsylvania campaign rally on Saturday night, Trump talked about Melania’s life, sharing with the audience how her life is “not so easy.” After calling Melania a “great first lady,” Trump offered up an example of why her life is “not so easy.”

As Newsweek suggested when Trump made that statement of Melania’s life as being “not so easy,” he “avoids any mention of Stormy Daniels,” who is the porn star in the center of allegations about Trump having an affair. Instead, he used Melania’s life as “not so easy” in the context of her work against the opioid epidemic.

He didn’t mention anything about the horrific headlines full of allegations about the unfaithfulness within his marriage as one of the factors that are making Melania’s life hard. He didn’t offer any reason for the crowd to put themselves in Melania’s place while having to endure the humiliating headlines she has weathered since a woman named Stormy Daniels popped up in allegations regarding a long-ago affair with her husband.

As Newsweek suggests, Trump used the opioid epidemic and not anything about the allegations in the headlines that might make any wife’s life “not easy.” Trump said to the following to the audience.

“Great first lady. She’s great. You think her life is so easy, folks? Not so easy.”

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But as Newsweek suggested, he didn’t state the “obvious reason their relationship has appeared strained.” No, Donald Trump had people take a second to imagine what it is like for a drug dealer who doesn’t care about a blue ribbon committee, which is a committee that Melania is part of along with other people.

This committee was created to combat the opioid crisis across this nation, according to The Hill.

“We put Melania and other people on this blue ribbon committee. Do you think the drug dealers that kill thousands of people during their lifetime, do you think they care who is on a blue ribbon committee? The only way to solve the drug problem is through toughness. When you catch a drug dealer, you’ve got to put him away for a long time.”

From there he went on to spotlight the practice of executing drug dealers, something that other countries do to keep the drugs out of the hands of their citizens. Trump did confirm that he had talked with officials in Singapore about the practice of executing drug dealers.

Apparently, Trump sees Melania’s role on this Blue Ribbon committee as something that doesn’t allow her life to be easy. As The Hill suggested, Donald and Melania Trump’s relationship has been under scrutiny for quite some time now, following the allegations made that he had an extramarital affair with a former porn star.

The timeline for this alleged affair falls into an era when Melania became a new mother after giving birth to Barron. These accusations have saturated the headlines, and whether they are true or not, it would probably be enough to humiliate any wife, hearing these accusations concerning their marriage.

Trump even joked about this at the Gridiron Press Dinner last week when he threw a jab at himself regarding the many departures from his administration. He said to the crowd that he wasn’t sure who would leave him next “Miller or Melania.”