More Reasons Why The Republican Party May Not Survive Donald Trump [Opinion]

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Even as the White House does damage control following every train wreck caused by the president’s petulance, the challenge of holding the administration together is becoming more and more difficult.

However, as the White House continues to hand out Band-Aids to cover the gaping self-inflicted wounds perpetrated by Donald Trump, the entire Republican Party also stands poised to become the next casualty.

Although American political party ideologies may differ, the divergence of GOP politics, led by Trump, is rapidly leading the GOP down a devastating road to oblivion.

Trump is systematically dismantling the core tenets of conservatism and inexorably remaking it into a twisted caricature of what this great party once represented. Trump is also simultaneously unraveling the decades-long work of the GOP to bridge the gap that formerly separated it from the racial diversity that it now enjoys.

But with each hateful remark, that tally of diverse constituents ticks downward, even as Trump rebrands the Republican party in his own image.

While Trump injects his mixture of anti-democratic, racist, and authoritarian venom directly into the heart of the GOP, its statesmen seem helpless to fend off the assault waged by Trump and his not-so-merry band of mischief makers. As that venom branches out to the limbs of the GOP, the whole body is slowly beginning to wither and die with each beat of its poisoned heart.

Will Trump destroy the Republican Party

And now an entire political party is being held in the grip of a master manipulator who apparently does not mind seeing the GOP burn to the ground while he fiddles a tune of discord to the nation.

But it must be understood that what we see here today is not the Republican Party as we once knew it; this is a Republican Party that has been hijacked. Just as a virus infiltrates the body and takes over healthy cells, this is the situation that we now bear witness to.

At this point, the lies and deceptions have become unsustainable. There is no way to justify the divisiveness or repackage it into something more acceptable. There is no longer a way to defend the overt bigotry that this president exudes.

Protesters against Trump come from different ethnic backgrounds.
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What we have here is no longer an administration of rational people leading a nation but a group of sycophants, minions, and thralls led by a cult leader. For evidence, one only needs to consider some of the television interviews given by various White House aides and spokespeople.

From the misdirection, lies, deflection, and pivoting from people like Kellyanne Conway, to the unhinged and nearly unintelligible defenses of the administration offered up by Steven Miller on CNN and “Pastor” Mark Burns on MSNBC’S AM Joy, the fanaticism is clear.

Everything that comes from this unseemly alliance is contaminated and will only continue spreading to the healthy parts of the GOP.

When we consider the sheer mountain of untruths foisted upon the American people, it gives a reason for pause. According to The Washington Post, Trump averaged a staggering 5.5 lies per day during the first year of his presidency.

When demonstrably false talking points keep being repeated by the spin doctors, like some twisted mantra, we should realize it is only an attempt at revisionism. For example, the latest revisionist effort surrounds the “Steele Dossier.” Trump and his cohorts are now pushing the half-truth that the dossier was funded only by the Democrats when it actually began as Republican opposition research on then-candidate Trump.

As this drama continues to unfold and Americans come to the realization that they were used and lied to, the chances that this will be a two-term presidency are nil.

Finally, a word about those who have chosen to promote the hateful rhetoric that continues to spew from this administration.

America is certainly watching and with every group that is marginalized and attacked by the unbridled hatred of Donald Trump, there are potential voters who are also being alienated.

For every Republican senator and representative who stands idly by, watching the devastation being wrought upon American democracy and diversity, there will likely be a reckoning at the polls that no amount of gerrymandering will negate.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burk