Johnny Depp Not Needed By Disney For ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’s’ Sixth Installment? [Opinion]

Is the star needed for another installment?

Many would agree that the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been such a tremendous success over the course that the current five installments have been released, thanks to the character of Captain Jack Sparrow — a witty and quirky addition to the plot, played by none other than notable actor Johnny Depp.

The franchise has been massively successful, and the latest installment, Dead Men Tell No Tales, raked in $794 million worldwide. Despite this still being an impressive number, it fell short of the amount generated from previous sequels, that grossed over $900 million and $1 billion respectively. Additionally, Dead Men Tell No Tales did not break $200 million mark in North America, as Forbes notes, the way the other installments had.

This therefore raises the question as to whether Pirates of the Caribbean will carry on with yet another installment, and if so, whether Depp’s Jack Sparrow will be a necessary character within upcoming films. Many may wonder what the beloved franchise would be without Captain Jack, yet as the publication notes, Depp’s character was not the leading role when the franchise began, it merely shifted to be so for a number of films.

It therefore seems fitting that, as Orlando Bloom’s character relinquished star status after numerous films in the spotlight, so too should Depp’s. If the franchise is to continue on with its success, much like many other franchise films, new leads and characters should likely be introduced.

Scott Medelson of Forbes suggests that taking the series “back to its roots” is essential.

“[T]he twist, in the first movie and (to a lesser extent) the first two sequels, is that the film was essentially Elizabeth’s journey. She is the first character we meet onscreen, and the trilogy’s overreaching arc is that of Keira Knightley’s protagonist.”

Medelson goes on to point out that Elizabeth Swann is the heroine of the story from the beginning and that if Disney seeks to create a new installment, she should be once again given the helm, relinquishing it from Captain Jack. Would this mean a complete dismissal of Johnny Depp’s character? Could be so, or it could simply mean a more trivial role, or perhaps even a role as a villain.

The question remains, however, will there even be a sixth installment? Fans of the enormously popular franchise surely would like to think so, yet sometimes walking away when at the pinnacle is best.

As Cinema Blend relays, one actress from the most recent film, Kyra Scodelario, admits that she has not heard anything about an upcoming installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, despite being signed on for one more film and stating that there is much that can still be done with the story line.

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