Barron Trump ‘The Expert’ On Moving Day — The Only One Smiling Was Copter Pilot? [Photos] [Opinion]

Barron Trump was dressed down and looking more like an 11-year-old kid than usual as he stepped off the helicopter with his parents on the lawn of his new home at the White House. His traditional suit and tie — the outfit that makes him look like a lot like a mini-Donald Trump — were gone, and he donned a T-shirt and jeans instead. As Barron, Melania, and President Trump made the journey from the airport to the White House lawn, the only smile caught on camera is that of the helicopter pilot, as seen in the picture above.

It was a hot day on Sunday when Barron and Melania Trump made their big move to the White House. There were several pictures that captured the first family together as they emerged from that copter on the White House South Lawn. Melania was also dressed for the warm weather in a white sleeveless T-shirt and brown wide-leg pants.

Barron walked a few steps ahead of his parents, who were holding hands as they made their way into the White House to be reunited as a family under one roof again. This time, Barron and Melania weren’t there for a visit; this was the official move into the White House, Politico reports. Earlier reports had Wednesday, June 14 as the official moving day for Melania and Barron, but that changed.

Maybe Wednesday was just a decoy day so that they could keep the White House move from becoming chaotic with people swarming to welcome the mother-son duo and to capture the move in pictures. Then again, it could be as simple as Melania and Barron being ready for the White House move and deciding to take off a little bit earlier than planned.

Was this a bittersweet day for Melania and Barron? They are finally under one roof as a family, but they do love their New York City home, as does the president of the nation. Donald Trump would try and get back to Trump Tower to sleep in his own bed any chance he got while on the campaign trail. Their Trump Tower home is a special place to Melania and Barron too, so this might just be a bittersweet moment demonstrated by their facial expressions as they make their way to the White House after landing in Air Force One.

Donald Trump meets Melania and Barron on moving day into the White House
[Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]

The announcement that Melania and Barron had officially moved into the White House came after the fact in a tweet from the first lady. Melania sent out a tweet with a picture depicting the view of the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial from inside the White House.

Her message stated, “looking forward to the memories we’ll make in our new home! #Movingday.”

The picture below is the one that Melania posted online. This is her new view below the clouds, and it has to be a welcome change from the concrete, brick, mortar, and pavement of the city to look out your window and see a sprawling lawn of green.

As you can see in the pictures Barron is sporting a T-shirt with the words “The Expert” written across his chest. A quick Google search of “The Expert” comes up with two movies and a British TV show all depicting a title with the same name. The movies, which were filmed in 1932 and 1995, don’t appear to be anything an 11-year-old kid would be interested in, and the same holds true for the TV show, so that is probably not where the name comes from.

There is a comedy sketch on YouTube that is titled “The Expert,” but again, it’s not something popular enough that they’d stamp the title on a T-shirt, so that’s probably not it either. Barron’s “The Expert” is a mystery and creating one heck of a buzz across the social media sites.

Along with Barron’s T-shirt creating comments on social media, the object that he was holding in his hand was also mentioned time and time again. Barron was playing with a spinner, which is the craze among kids of all ages today. In fact, even some adults are infatuated with these spinning toys. His mode of dress, along with his spinner in tow, put Barron in a different light; he looked like the boy next door.

As the first family emerged from the helicopter and onto the White House lawn, they looked rather sullen and not very excited about the big day. While the Trump Tower home will always be there for the first family, it can still be a bit sad when moving away from a place that harbors so many good memories. Even though this is a temporary move, it is a move that could feasibly last eight years. With all that their New York City penthouse has to offer, the White House is probably a step down from what they are used to.

As you can see in most of the pictures taken on Sunday’s moving day, Donald and Melania Trump were holding hands. Many couples are just not hand-holders, and at one time, it seemed as if Donald and Melania were one of those couples. However, that has recently changed. Many loving and stable couples just don’t join hands in public, but that doesn’t mean there is trouble in the marriage. But when Donald and Melania didn’t join hands for their sprints across the tarmac, the internet went crazy. One has to wonder if they’ve adopted this hand-holding action as a good look when it comes to PR.

Melania and Barron Trump move to the White House Sunday
[Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]

In the picture above, it is hard not to notice that no one is smiling except the helicopter pilot. This may be due to the heat in D.C., and even though this is the first family, moving day is not usually fun for anyone. Melania’s parents were also part of the White House moving day; they emerged from a helicopter after the first family. While reports have Viktor and Amalija Knavs planning to have long visits at the White House, official reports do not have Melania’s parents moving into the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue residence with their daughter, son-in-law, and grandson, according to Business Insider.

Melania's parents join White House moving day.
[Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]