How Many Times Was Larry King Married?

Iconic television and radio host Larry King has died at the age of 87. The famous interviewer was hospitalized in December after testing positive for COVID-19, but his official cause of death has not been released. He was married eight times throughout his life to seven different women, spanning from 1952 to his death. At […]

Chuck Schumer Mocked For Accidentally Saying Senate Will Decide If Donald Trump Incited An ‘Erection’

Chuck Schumer is earning some mockery online after he accidentally said that the U.S. Senate will decide whether former President Donald Trump incited an “erection” against the United States. As the New York Post reported, the new Senate majority leader spoke on Friday about the upcoming impeachment process, where the out-of-office Trump could face the […]

Merriam-Webster Trolls Donald Trump After He Shares Tweet Saying The ‘Calvary’ Is Coming

Merriam-Webster gave a real-time vocabulary lesson to Donald Trump, trolling the president after he shared a tweet that incorrectly claimed the “calvary” was coming. Trump took to Twitter to share a December 21 tweet from a supporter promoting a planned demonstration in the nation’s capital on January 6, the day Congress will tally the Electoral […]

McDonald’s In China Now Offering A Burger That Combines Spam, Oreo Cookies, And A Creamy Sauce

McDonald’s customers in China will now have the chance to test out a bizarre sandwich that combines Spam meat, Oreo cookies, and a creamy sauce. As The Daily Mail reported, some promotional images of the new menu item showed up on social media this week, garnering some very strong opinions and plenty of disgust. The […]

Unfortunate Placement In Mitch McConnell’s COVID-19 Vaccine Post Has Some Thinking He’s Posing With KKK Member

Mitch McConnell took to Twitter to share a picture of himself getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but those who scrolled a little too quickly through their feed may have seen something very different. The Senate majority leader took to social media on Friday to share an image of himself wearing a mask and standing beside a […]

Michigan Representative Confirms That Rudy Giuliani Loudly Farted During Election Hearing

A Michigan representative confirmed what many who watched a now-viral video suspected — that Rudy Giuliani loudly farted during an election hearing in his state this week. Giuliani was speaking at a meeting that examined President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud, and video captured what sounded to be a pair of audible farts […]

Ivanka Trump Mocked For Praising Her Work Feeding The Hungry After Her Dad Tried To Kick 700K Off Food Stamps

Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to praise her own efforts to allow more people to use food stamps at farmers’ markets, but it didn’t appear to get the reaction she was seeking. The eldest daughter of President Donald Trump shared a message saying she was proud to have worked with Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue […]

Former ‘Apprentice’ Staffer Claims He Saw Ivanka Give Donald Trump ‘A Lap Dance’

Noel Casler, a former staffer on The Apprentice, took to Twitter to claim that he saw Ivanka Trump give her father Donald Trump a lap dance, and he revealed a bit about her style. The claim is one of many he’s dropped in recent days, including another that the president used to sell cocaine out […]

Instagram Top 9 Lets You Share Your Most Popular Photos From 2020, Here’s How To Create It

While 2020 isn’t likely to be a year that is full of highlights for anyone, it is undeniable that it won’t be one that is easily forgotten. With protests, a presidential election and the deaths of icons occurring in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic that brought the world to a halt, it felt like […]

Donald Trump Called Doug Ducey As Governor Certified Arizona’s Election For Joe Biden

President Donald Trump called Arizona’s Doug Ducey as the governor certified the state’s election for Joe Biden, according to a tweet from journalist Brahm Resnik. Several Twitter users suggested that the president attempted to commit election fraud by placing the phonecall, but there is no evidence to show why he called. Others pointed out that […]

Sidney Powell Lawsuit Claims Potential Election Fraud In Edison County, Michigan, A Place That Doesn’t Exist

A witness in Sidney Powell’s election lawsuit claims there may have been illegal voting that took place in Edison County, Michigan — a place that does not exist. Political reporter Jonathan Oosting brought attention to the claim on Monday, sharing a portion of Powell’s lawsuit that quotes a witness pointing out what they believe to […]

‘Not Wanted’ Signs Show Up In Manhattan Telling Ivanka Trump Not To Come Back After Leaving The White House

Ivanka Trump may not get a warm welcome if she returns to Manhattan after leaving the White House, and a series of “Not Wanted” signs going up in her hometown makes that clear. The daughter of President Donald Trump has taken some sharp criticism for her role in the administration and failure to follow through […]

Donald Trump Mocked For Complaining That ‘Massive Dumps’ Caused Him To Lose Election

Donald Trump’s unfortunate phrasing in describing his election loss is earning him some mockery online. Trump took to Fox News on Sunday in some of his longest remarks since his loss in the race, complaining to host Maria Bartiromo about what he saw as widespread fraud benefiting his opponent. As Rolling Stone noted, Trump spoke […]

Donald Trump Spent Thanksgiving Night Attacking Twitter After ‘Diaper Don’ Hit Top Of Site’s Trends

Donald Trump went on a Thanksgiving night attack against Twitter after the mocking term “Diaper Don” hit the top of the platform’s trends. The hashtag was pushed to the top of the site largely by critics of the president, using the term to mock his media availability earlier in the day in which he continued […]

Viral Video Shows Unidentified Dark Liquid Dripping From Rudy Giuliani’s Face During Press Conference

A viral video showed a dark liquid dripping down the face of Rudy Giuliani during a press conference where Donald Trump’s lawyer pushed his reportedly unfounded claims of election fraud, leading to some mockery of the former New York City mayor online. Giuliani has taken over as the de facto spokesperson for the court efforts […]

Top 5 Early Black Friday Deals From Best Buy

While Black Friday is still more than a week away, Best Buy is kicking things off early with some can’t miss deals on the newest electronics and appliances. Whether you’re looking to relax in front of a flat screen or get started on your New Year’s resolution with assistance from a Fitbit, Best Buy has […]

Donald Trump’s Abrupt Hair Color Change After Presidential Election Sparks Viral Interest, Mockery Online

U.S. President Donald Trump has gone through some major changes since losing the 2020 presidential election, with many taking note of the apparently abrupt shift in his hair color. The president has mostly remained in the White House since the race was officially called for Joe Biden last weekend, but he appeared this week to […]

White Republican Dean Browning Accused Of Tweeting As Fake ‘Black Gay Guy’ Dan Purdy To Praise Donald Trump

Dean Browning, a white Republican former congressional candidate from Pennsylvania, drew some viral attention when he tweeted that he is a “Black gay guy” who did not believe that Barack Obama was a good president. He came under even more scrutiny after being connected to what appeared to be a sock puppet account claiming to […]

Viral Clip Shows Reporter Alex Zdan Tell Heckling Trump Supporter ‘Buzz Off’ During Live Broadcast

Alex Zdan wasn’t in the mood to be heckled during his live broadcast, and the Long Island reporter’s response to an angry Donald Trump supporter is now gaining viral attention. Zdan was live on the air from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, following the announcement from major American news networks that Democratic candidate Joe Biden had won the […]

Melania Trump Invited To Join Celebrity Dating Reality Show After Her Husband’s Apparent Election Loss

Melania Trump may have some help landing on her feet after her husband’s apparent loss in the 2020 presidential race. Shortly after major American news networks called the state of Pennsylvania for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, which projected him as the winner of the race, the British television network E4 took to Twitter to offer […]

Picture Of Melania Trump On Helicopter Revives ‘Body Double’ Jokes, Conspiracy Theories On Twitter

A picture of Melania Trump joining her husband, President Donald Trump, on a helicopter ride is sparking jokes that she appears to have been replaced by a “body double,” reviving a conspiracy theory that has followed the first lady since she first moved into the White House. The picture circulated this weekend showing the first […]

Viral Video Shows Melania Trump Appear To Rip Her Hand Away From Donald’s On Stage After Debate

Donald Trump earned better reviews for his performance in the final presidential debate, but it was an awkward exchange with his wife on stage that captured much of the attention in the hours that followed the showdown with Joe Biden. After a much calmer and on-topic affair in which Trump went away from the brash […]

Donald Trump Asked Savannah Guthrie If She Heard Of Being ‘Underlevered,’ Which Critics Say Is Not A Real Word

Donald Trump was taken to task by critics for asking NBC town hall host Savannah Guthrie if she had ever heard of being “underlevered,” which critics pointed out was not a real term. The exchange took place during Thursday’s live town hall event on NBC, when she was pressing Trump on a report that he […]

Fly That Landed On Mike Pence’s Head During Vice Presidential Debate Sparks Viral Reaction Online

Mike Pence got plenty of viral attention during his debate on Wednesday, though it may not have been the type that the Republican vice presidential candidate had envisioned. As the showdown with Democratic candidate Kamala Harris moved toward its conclusion, many viewers saw what looked to be a fly landing on the vice president and […]

MSNBC Guest Goes Viral For Apparently Chugging Wine On Air While Discussing Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death

Rebecca Traister is processing the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her own unique way, by apparently chugging a glass of wine during a live appearance on MSNBC. The journalist and political commentator made an appearance on the cable news network on Friday to discuss the passing of the Supreme Court justice, who died on […]

Viral Video Appears To Show Donald Trump Wander Aimlessly On White House Lawn, Reporters Offer Explanation

A viral video appeared to show Donald Trump wandering aimlessly after speaking to reporters on the White House lawn and walking away from Marine One that was waiting for him. However, as some reporters pointed out, the video did not show what many of the president’s critics seemed to think — and it did not […]

Viral Video Shows Melania Trump Repeatedly Ignore Donald’s Attempt To Hold Her Hand

Melania Trump was seen repeatedly ignoring her husband’s attempt to take her hand as the two departed from Air Force One in New Jersey on Sunday. Whether the snub was intentional was a matter of sharp debate as the video gained viral attention. The clip, shared on Twitter by The Hill, showed President Donald Trump […]

Marge Simpson Fires Back At Donald Trump’s Senior Adviser Jenna Ellis After She Disses Kamala Harris

Iconic cartoon character Marge Simpson had a few words to say to Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jenna Ellis after she made a dig at Kamala Harris on Wednesday, Entertainment Weekly reported. Harris, who was recently officially selected as Joe Biden’s vice president, was giving a speech earlier this week when Jenna tweeted that she “sounds […]

World’s Last Blockbuster To Host Special ‘End Of Summer Sleepover’ Through Airbnb

The world’s last Blockbuster, located in Bend, Oregon, has been listed on Airbnb by manager Sandi Harding as part of a special “end of summer sleepover.” She wants to show her appreciation to the local community that has helped keep it afloat, according to an official Airbnb press release released on Tuesday. Harding wants to […]

Thai Newspaper Trolls Donald Trump By Changing Name To ‘Thigh Enquirer’

The Thai Enquirer changed its name on social media to the Thigh Enquirer in order to mock American President Donald Trump. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Trump spoke to a small group of employees and leaders at the Whirlpool Corporation Manufacturing Plant on Thursday. While talking about American manufacturing, he blundered over the Southeast Asian […]

Three People Charged In Massive Bitcoin Twitter Hack That Targeted Notable Users Like Joe Biden & More

On Friday, three people were arrested for their alleged involvement in the massive Twitter hack that targeted prominent celebrities and political figures like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Kanye West to initiate a widespread Bitcoin scam, according to a new report from CNN. Earlier this month, The Inquisitr reported that Twitter had taken […]

Mom Honors Late Daughter By Paying The Medical Bills For Other Parents Who Suffered Infant Loss

Jennifer Jara of Indiana lost her daughter, Jessica, who was stillborn on July 1, 2014. She knows well the pain of infant loss as well as the financial burdens that come after, which cause further challenges. Thus, she started a non-profit organization to honor her late daughter and also offer financial assistance to other grieving […]

‘Into The Wild’ Bus Likely To Be Moved To New Location At Fairbanks Museum

The bus in which an American hiker died, and later inspired the movie Into the Wild and became something of a tourist attraction, will likely be moved to a new location at a Fairbanks museum, USA Today reported. Officially known as “Fairbanks Bus 142,” the vehicle was used as a sort of back-country shelter for […]

Neighbor Sends A Black Family A Racist Letter, ‘Consider Moving To A ‘Hood’ Of Your Kind’

The Sprouls, a Black family from Florida, were shocked and disturbed after reportedly receiving a racist letter from a neighbor. The message was received after they put up signs in their yard celebrating their twin daughters’ high school graduation. Not only did the neighbor insult the girls’ appearances, but they allegedly told the family to […]

Couple Allegedly Maced For Not Wearing Face Masks While Eating Lunch

This past week, a woman named Ash O’Brien and her husband were eating lunch at the Dusty Rhodes Dog Park in San Diego, California, while allowing their puppy to play. They were approached by a woman who was upset that they were not wearing face masks while eating. After a brief argument, the woman allegedly […]

News Reporter Diagnosed With Cancer After A Viewer Noticed A Lump On Her Neck, ‘I Will Forever Be Thankful’

Victoria Price is a news reporter from Tampa, Florida, for NBC affiliate WFLA. Price is incredibly grateful for a thoughtful viewer who reached out to her regarding a lump she noticed on her neck. Because of the viewer’s comment, Price went to get it checked out and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, according to Today. […]

Wisconsin Man Splits Powerball Winnings With His Friend After Making A Pact More Than 20 Years Ago

When Tom Cook of Wisconsin checked his Powerball ticket last month, he discovered that he had won the $22 million jackpot. Without hesitating, he made the decision to split the winnings with his longtime friend Joe Feeney. Around 22 years ago, the friends made a pact that if either one of them ever won the […]

Taco Bell Is Removing Some Popular Menu Items, To The Dismay Of Fans

The popular fast food giant Taco Bell has confirmed rumors that they are retiring some of their popular menu items that have been around for years. Among some of the foods to be removed are the 7-Layer Burrito, Potato Bites and Loaded Grillers, according to ABC News 13. Like many restaurants big and small across […]

New Viral Video Shows A ‘Karen’ Demand To See A Landscaper’s Immigration Papers

In a new viral video, a white woman approached a Hispanic man while he was doing his job and demanded to see his immigration papers. The woman has not been identified. However, the man is Juan Andrade of Rancho Mirage, California, according to The Daily Mail. Andrade is employed as a landscaper. Prior to the […]

Twitter Disables Verified Accounts After Bitcoin Scam Hack

A Bitcoin scam hacked several prominent verified Twitter accounts on Wednesday, Axios reported. Among those affected included Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. The popular social media platform’s support account also addressed the issue, warning users that they may experience interruptions in regular service. “You may be unable to Tweet or reset […]

Radio Host Dianna Ploss Loses Job After Racist Rant On Video

Dianna Ploss was formerly a radio host in New Hampshire for WSMN 1590. However, she recently lost her job after she yelled at landscapers for not speaking English. Strangely enough, she posted the video of the incident to her own Facebook page where it then went viral and earned backlash, according to TMZ. In the […]

Statue Of Melania Trump Set On Fire In Slovenia

Over the weekend, a statue depicting the likeness of first lady Melania Trump was set on fire. The wooden sculpture commissioned by Brad Downey sits near her hometown in Slovenia, as Reuters reports. Just months prior, a wooden statue of U.S. President Donald was set ablaze in Slovenia, as well. Downey, who is an American […]

Woman Destroys A Face Mask Display At Target In Viral Video

A woman identified as Melissa Rein Lively has been captured in a bizarre video destroying a face mask display at a Target store in Arizona. Posted to YouTube, the video of the incident has since gone viral, and Lively has been dubbed the latest “Karen” to cause a scene in public, according to The New […]

Relative Of Boy Who Died In Tragic ATV Accident Speaks Out About The Dangers Of Power Sports

Kristen Almer is the aunt of Logan Almer, a boy who died tragically at only 11 years old due to an ATV accident. The horrific incident occurred in 2013 and devastated the family. Now, Kristen is speaking up about what happened in an effort to inform parents about the potential dangers of power sports, according […]

Twitter Mocks Donald Trump For Repeatedly Struggling With Words ‘Swift And Sweeping’ At Fourth Of July Speech

U.S. President Donald Trump appeared to have some difficulty getting out the words “swift and sweeping” during a speech on the Fourth of July, and his critics on Twitter certainly took notice. Trump stumbled over his words at times during the Independence Day speech in which he extolled the success of the U.S. military and […]

James Maxwell Trump, Alleged Identity Of ‘Rogue White House Senior Adviser’ Twitter Account, Has Internet Torn

James Maxwell Trump is the identity of one of the most secretive White House insiders who has been sharing inside information about President Donald Trump for the last three years — or is the punchline to a long-running joke. The internet was torn about the newly revealed identity of the Twitter account known as “Rogue […]

Viral Videos Show Donald Trump Struggling To Pronounce Names Of American Presidents At Mount Rushmore Speech

Donald Trump appeared to have a bit of trouble pronouncing some of the names of America’s founding fathers during his Fourth of July speech at Mount Rushmore, and now clips of the president’s difficulties are gaining viral interest on Twitter. Trump came under fire for the tone of his speech on Friday, in which he […]

McDonald’s Employee Attacked After Asking A Customer To Wear A Face Mask

A 19-year-old McDonald’s employee named Maria Resendiz was reportedly attacked after she asked a customer in the drive-thru line to wear a face mask. The incident took place in Oakland, California, and is still currently being investigated, according to Business Insider. Resendiz was told by her manager that she should ask customers that aren’t wearing […]

Black Woman And Young Son Denied Service At A Restaurant Because The Child Was Wearing Athletic Shorts

A Black woman named Marcia Grant is speaking out after she and her 9-year-old son were denied service at a restaurant because of how her child was dressed. The restaurant was Ouzo Bay in Baltimore, Maryland, which is owned by the Atlas Restaurant Group, according to Today. Grant was shocked when she was approached by […]

Myka Stauffer Responds After Receiving Intense Backlash For Re-homing Her Adoptive Son

Myka Stauffer — a YouTube personality and mother who received intense backlash after revealing she made the decision to place her adoptive son, Huxley, in another home — has finally responded after weeks of radio silence. On Wednesday, June 24, Myka posted a typed statement to her Instagram page in which she apologized for her […]