Kim Kardashian Unfollows Miley Cyrus After Flirting With Pete Davidson

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While Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson rung in the New Year on Friday/Saturday night, they brought some drama with them. The singer's antics leading to the memorable night reportedly didn't sit well with Davidson's alleged business mogul girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. Perhaps it was the hosts' coziness in Miley's 157 million Instagram feed posts or the cheeky captions like "BIG DEBUT ENERGY" (a play on Big D* Energy). Whatever it was, something triggered the Skims founder to unfollow the rockstar on NYE.

Appearance on Jimmy Fallon's Show

Last month, Davidson and Cyrus made a joint appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show Fallon Tonight as part of their promotion for the big NYE party night. During the event, Miley joked severely about Davidson's relationship with Kim. She went as far as serenading the comedian with Yvonne Fair's It Should've Been Me. In the same interview, the pair revealed they got matching tattoos years back, and Miley captioned the post on her Insta feed, "Pete & I are official!"

Miley's Wardrobe Malfunction

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Miley suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing her hit single Party in the USA in a flimsy silver two-piece. Her scantily clad top came loose on the straps, and she had to change her outfit earlier than planned. This happened on the heels of her performance of Miami ft. Will Smith with Davidson. The singer joked about being the most covered up in her red jumpsuit number to lighten the situation. Some fans think the malfunction was a backhanded way of seducing her co-host as she'd been flirting unabashedly throughout the promo run.

Not Friends, Not Enemies

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We can't understand which events triggered the mother of four, but Kim Kardashian unfollowed Miley on NYE. One of Miley's fan accounts, @MileyEdition, first noticed the influencer followed the pop star on IG on Dec. 10, after the announcement of their co-hosting gig. Interestingly, fans noted that Kim no longer followed Miley's post-NYE show.

When asked about the action, the business mogul stated that she didn't know Miley - it didn't matter that Kim liked one of Miley's promo posts on Instagram. The reality TV star maintains her 152 follow backs even though she has 276 million Instagram followers.

Romantic Getaway With Pete Davidson

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Amidst this follow/unfollow drama, Davidson and Kim were spotted jet-setting to the Bahamas on a private jet after the NYE party. The couple is making up for the lost time since they couldn't ring in the New Year together. The rumors of their relationship are now confirmed per Page Six, which comes on the heels of Kim's [filing to be legally single] last month ( since her estranged husband Kanye West, now known as Ye, wouldn't grant her a divorce.