Donald Trump Wants Supporters To Carry Mysterious 'Trump Cards'

Donald Trump appears at an event.
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Donald Trump has a new request for his supporters -- to help him pick out the design for a mysterious new card.

As Business Insider reported, the new card was first revealed in an email to supporters asking for their help in deciding what it should look like. The request has raised new speculation about whether the former president will run again in 2024, as he has already been undergoing some fundraising efforts and sounded off on some Republican races across the country.

Trump's New Effort

Donald Trump appears at an event.
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As the Business Insider report noted, the email to Trump's supporters told them that they would all be carrying the card, but revealed no details about what it actually entailed or why they might be called to carry it.

"The card you select will be carried by Patriots all around the Country. They will be a sign of your dedicated support to our movement to SAVE AMERICA, and I'm putting my full trust in you," Trump wrote in the email.

For Trump's 'Strongest' Supporters

Donald Trump speaks outside the White House.
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The email went on to say that the card was meant for the former president's "strongest" supporters, noting that Trump himself wanted their input on which design they liked the best.

"We recently met with the President in his Florida office and showed him four designs," a second email said. "Originally we were planning on releasing just one design, but when President Trump saw the cards on his desk, he said, 'These are BEAUTIFUL. We should let the American People decide - they ALWAYS know best!'"

Email Sparks Speculation

Donald Trump appears outside the White House.
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As the report noted, the email led to some speculation about whether Trump will run for president again in 2024. He has been unusually quiet about his plans, though some believe that his recent fundraising efforts could be a sign that he plans to jump back into the political arena. Trump has already been active within the party, speaking at the GOP convention in North Carolina earlier this year and endorsing candidates in recent runoff races. He has also frequently called out Joe Biden's administration, though his reach has been shortened after he was banned from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

Trump's Next Moves

Donald Trump speaks outside the White House.
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While he may be moving back into politics, Trump also has some court battles ahead of him. As CNN reported, his legal team has stepped into a years-long fight from congressional Democrats to obtain his tax returns, fighting back against their request.

It's still unclear when they might finally get their hands on the returns.

"The Justice Department last week determined that the Internal Revenue Service must hand over Trump's tax returns to Congress, but a federal judge is still considering what could happen," the report noted.