How Iggy Azalea Accidentally Dropped 20 Pounds

Iggy Azalea close up

Iggy Azalea, known for celebrating her famous curves, isn't as much of an hourglass silhouette as she once was. The 30-year-old rapper, fresh from new "I Am the Stripclub" single, remains a talking point for her massive weight loss reveal, one that came out of the blue in November 2020 and with the Aussie saying she didn't even plan it. Last fall, the Grammy nominee took to Twitter to reveal she'd dropped 20 pounds, this in the wake of the April 2020 arrival of son Onyx. See the details below.

Drops 20 Pounds Without Trying

Iggy Azalea with baby in stroller

Scroll for photos. Iggy, who can easily make a headline for her burger appetite and actually gets her Australian candy shipped to her door, revealed her weight loss as she reached out to other new mothers. The "Sip It" hit-maker wrote:

“Any other moms who can’t stop dropping weight after having a baby? (Not a brag, genuinely wanna hear if you had this happen)."

Iggy continued: “I don’t try/want to lose weight but it’s literally just shedding off me, is it hormonal? Should I be concerned? 20lbs lighter than pre baby and counting.”

Body Shamed After Baby

Azalea, who later stated her concealed pregnancy was fairly easy as she gained little in the way of baby weight, had revealed what she's been feeding herself back in May 2020. The blonde was, at the time, making headlines for shutting down shamers saying she's gained weight as she posed with her rock-hard abs on show.

A fan had asked the mom of one for a good "workout routine" that targets abs, but Iggy did not offer exercise advice. Instead, it was a food response.

Offering Up Food Advice

Iggy Azalea indoors in bright dress

The star replied: "For me, diet is what does the trick. When I eat pretty basic, clean." Iggy maintained that her abs "show more" when she eats "whole fruits, meat, and vegetables."

Back in 2017, Iggy's housekeeper actually revealed which dish the hip-hop face requests the most - it was heavy on the protein and carbs as personal chef and housekeeper Maria stated: "Her number one meal, let's see... mashed potatoes with gravy and chicken." Scroll for more photos after the baby snap.

Major 2021 News

Iggy, who has largely made headlines for her music over the years, is now in the news for business reasons. 2021 has brought the launch of the star's "Devil's Advocate" fragrance, with Iggy telling fans:

“It’s meant to be a reflection of that naughty, cheeky, almost the devil on your shoulder or that part of me that says, like, ‘Just do it, just go, just have fun, go out with your friends that night, double text the guy."

Iggy joins the likes of fellow music faces Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez in launching a scent.;