Carmen Electra Considers A Big Change In Elbow Gloves

Carmen Electra close up
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Carmen Electra is asking her 1.3 million Instagram followers if she should go ahead and take the plunge to a very different look. The 49-year-old model and actress today shared an image that very much steered clear of her usual blonde look, with fans seeing Carmen - born Tara Leigh Patrick - brunette and in a throwback. Posting on Thursday, the Baywatch star sent out her blue-eyed beauty in a snazzy evening look, and it was gloves on as Carmen asked a big question. Check it out below.

Blonde Or Brunette?

Carmen Electra indoors in black top

Scroll for the photo. Carmen is known for her golden tan and Cali beach babe look, one that comes complete with blonde hair. Clearly, though, the Ohio native was in the mood for a switch-up as summer approaches. 

The photo, channeling major '90s vibes, showed Carmen shot against a plain wall and very much embracing the era's model look. Giant, bouffant, and brown layered hair framed Carmen's face, with the star seen in a metallic and striped top, plus black elbow gloves.

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Piercing the camera with her baby blue eyes and rocking a frosted lip, heavy and smokey eye makeup, plus bronzer, Carmen took to her caption, writing: "Thinking about going back to my original color???" A red lip emoji completed the post as Carmen snagged over 16,000 likes.

"Hell no...That looks like Elvira" came from a fan seemingly not keen. "Very Pricilla!" another replied. A celebrity comment also came in, with Jenny McCarthy telling Carmen: "You could go bald and still be the most beautiful." See more photos after the snap.

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Carmen Electra at an event
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Carmen, who actually boasts more followers than fellow bombshell Pamela Anderson, has opened up on the 'Gram, even mentioning the '90s.

"Instagram to me is a way to communicate. People will send me photos I've never seen before. And it's fun," she says. "The '90s are so back. It's wild."

As to what Carmen's been up to, it hasn't just been reboots of the TV series that made her famous. In 2020, Carmen launched GoGo skincare, a beauty brand that's been making headlines. See it below.

Launches GoGo Skincare

Skincare bottles

Opening up on her launch, Carmen revealed the name behind the brand, stating: “My life has always been GO GO GO, so I wanted to make a brand for a woman (or man) on the move."

"The GOGO Skin Care System is easy to do even with the busiest schedule. The name was also inspired by all my years as a passionate dancer and one of the songs from my album with Prince was called ‘Go Go Dancer," the blonde added.