Gymnast Aly Raisman's Got Milk With Grocery Store Squat

Aly Raisman close up

Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman is quite literally finding herself in the milk aisle of her grocery store. The 26-year-old former athlete yesterday updated her Instagram stories with her shopping trip, with the star's 2.1 million followers seeing her spot herself on a bottle of plant-based Silk Milk. The high-protein beverage, which Aly has been actively promoting via paid partnerships on her social media, made for a fun story as Aly squatted down by the store's refrigerators - check out the photos below.

She's A Silk Milk Girl

Aly Raisman home with milk

Scroll for the photo. Aly, who is joined by Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps in fronting Silk Milk, was unveiled as the brand's celebrity face in May 2020. The 2012 "Fierce Five" and 2016 "Final Five" captain, posting two photos, was seen keeping COVID-safe in a black face mask, crouching down by rows of branded milks including Almond Breeze, and holding up a carton of Silk Milk, one that came with her face on it.

Looking super-cute in black pants and a pink hoodie, Aly then shared a snap of herself pointing at the cartons.

See Her Flexible Stretch!

Raisman, who also fronts home gardening brand Aero Garden and this year dropped her OFFLINE collab with clothing retailer Aerie, dedicated a January 2021 post to Silk Milk, one seeing her smiling and makeup-free in her kitchen as she told fans:

"I am passionate about trying to be more plant based. 🥬🥦🥒 I used to struggle to get enough protein so when I heard about Silk ULTRA I was really eager to try it. I’m extremely excited to partner up with @silk."

See more photos below!

Scroll For Her Floor Splits!

Aly Raisman in grocery store with milk

The Boston-based star added: "It’s packed with 20g of complete plant-based protein which helps me to recover after workouts and ensure I’m getting enough protein throughout the day. It’s also delicious. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do."

Silk offers a huge variety of milks, ranging from almond and cashew to coconut and oat, plus its dairy-free coffee creamers and no-dairy yogurts. Aly has called Silk Soymilk a "great source of protein" that helps keep her "fueled and focused." See her floor splits below.

Showoffs Rare

Aly Raisman doing floor splits

Aly tends not to opt for the flexibility flaunts on Instagram, where a feed shows her bravely and openly battling her anxiety and OCD. Aly, who has been reaching out to other mental health sufferers, has been sharing her self-care and calming practices, ones that include regular meditation sessions, mindfulness, and growing her own tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, and more

The star also counts blue-eyed dog Mylo as a massive form of self-care, with the pooch making 2020 headlines for enjoying a doggy date with MCU actor Chris Evans.