Jessica Simpson Attacked Over Tight Leggings Drugs Ad

Jessica Simpson in the street

Jessica Simpson is under fire as Instagram proves unimpressed with her latest pharmaceuticals promo. The 40-year-old actress, singer, and clothing designer yesterday returned for another anti-eczema promotion for drugs giant Pfizer, with the mom of three digging both into her past battles with acne and, as all good promos go, crediting the product she was promoting for her clear skin. Jessica's 5.6 million followers, who tend not to trash her, are now questioning the morals of the entire thing. They're also slamming the clothes.

Shouting Out Eczema Cream

Jessica Simpson in a robe

Scroll for the photo. Jessica, who has revealed past eczema battles and flare-ups with her third pregnancy, one bringing 2019-born daughter Birdie Mae, posed for a stunning low-key shot, one that also saw her wearing both her Jessica Simpson Style clothing brand, plus monogrammed and knee-high Gucci socks.

Jessica, snapped outdoors, smiling, and flaunting the 100 pounds she dropped after welcoming her third child, opened with safety warnings. She then outlined her own eczema experiences. "Like many of you, I know that life with kids," Simpson began, adding that it was all a juggle.

Worked For Her

Keep scrolling for the photo. Jessica mentioned the pandemic being tough on everyone, adding: "Sometimes eczema flares can still happen so it’s important to know what treatment options are out there."

"I’ve used steroid-free EUCRISA (crisaborole) ointment, 2%, to treat my mild-to-moderate eczema for years, and while not everyone’s experience is the same, it’s made such a difference for me."

A lengthy safety warning alerting to possible adverse reactions and where not to use the cream was then included. See the photo below and the damning replies.

Fans Not Digging It

Jessica, who rarely sparks negativity, although recent appearances have seen fans both deem her too skinny and suggest she's plumped up her lips, now sees her followers turning on her. Leading the way in the comments section was a popular response, one reading: "So you took the money to post for Pfizer? 🤦‍♀️"

"You can heal your eczema naturally, you don’t need drugs. Absolutely adore you but please promote healthy preventative and healing methods rather than drugs," another added. See more photos below.

Outfit Shaming

Jessica, who later reposted her outfit to her stories for a brand shout-out, was asked "wtf" she was "wearing," with a troll fueling the fire as they replied: "She’s taking her Pfizer meds. She doesn’t know wtf she’s doing anymore. She must be desperate for money."

Jessica does not appear to have responded to the comments. The star continues to make headlines for her Open Book memoir, one set to become an Amazon series, plus her Amazon Original Stories essay, revealed earlier this year.