Kate Beckinsale Plays With Baby Kangaroos While In Canada: 'Happy Hoppy Easter'

Kate Beckinsale stuns in flamboyant white dress at an event.
Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

Kate Beckinsale is spending Easter in Canada and appears to be embracing a new and very unusual holiday tradition. The Widow  star took to Instagram on Sunday to share a couple of videos in which she could be seen hanging out with the unlikeliest of animals, namely three baby kangaroos. 

In her caption, the 47-year-old actress wished fans a "Happy hoppy Easter" and added a kangaroo and bunny emoji.

"Easter bunny hits different in Canada."

While followers fell in love with the post, many were baffled by the uniqueness of the situation and flocked to the comments to marvel at the unconventional sight.  

"Ummm what??? Who has a wallaby and a roo in Canada?" said one person.

"I have to ask... but how do you have a kangaroo inside in Canada?" another Instagrammer was curious to know.



Snuggling A Joey

In the first video shared with fans, Kate was surrounded by two of her furry companions. She cradled the third and smallest one close to her chest, holding it lovingly with one arm as she played with the largest joey of the bunch. 

Kate was crouched down to the floor and stretched out her hand to pet the docile animal, who sniffed her open palm and then gently hopped away. 

"How cute," she could be heard saying, right before picking up the tiniest kangaroo with both hands and affectionately snuggling it. 




Celebrating In Style

Another adorable clip showed Kate bestowing her affection upon the other larger kangaroo while still holding the baby joey in her arms. The actress mouthed something and gestured at the camera, then stood up as if to follow the animal.  

As she did so, she gave fans an eyeful of the over-the-knee stiletto boots she was wearing. The black suede number coordinated with the rest of her outfit, which comprised of skintight leggings, a chic cardigan, and a white tank top whose thick shoulder strap was visible through the bateau neckline. 

The gorgeous celebrity got festive, sporting pink bunny ears. Her holiday look was heavily accessorized with bold jewelry, which included a massive chain necklace and a triple cuff bracelet.

She Stuns Fans

Kate also shared a close-up of herself and the baby kangaroo huddled together on a couch. She gazed fondly at the small animal, who had nestled its head on her long, curly hair.  

Fans went crazy over the cute share, rewarding the post with more than 182,500 likes. In addition, the delightful update amassed a staggering 2,046 messages. 

"These bunnies carry their eggs in their pouches," remarked one follower. 

"Hitting up the commonwealth, a Brit, holding on to an Aussie, in Canada," chimed in another Instagram user. 

Easter Festivities

The Underworld star followed up with a third video shared four hours after the others. In lieu of the kangaroos, this time around the actress was joined by one of her two cats, Clive, who wore the bunny ears in her stead.

The fluffy quadruped was all dressed-up for the occasion, rocking a fiery-red bow. In her caption, Kate dubbed Clive "a more traditional bunny for the purists."  

The star also has a pet dog named Myf. Her fur babies are often featured in her Instagram posts, each of them getting their own place in the spotlight. 

For instance, Kate's other cat, Willow, made a glamorous appearance in a video posted on March 22, in which the actress was curling her hair. Myf dazzled fans with some canine fashion during an outing in the snow.