Victoria's Secret Angel Sara Sampaio Rocks Cheeky Black Bikini To Show Off Her 'Bulges And Rolls'

Treva Bowdoin

Sara Sampaio encouraged her 7.5 million Instagram followers to be a little more loving toward all bodies ahead of Valentine's Day, including their own. In her latest share, the Victoria's Secret Angel begged her fans to treat others with kindness and to "stop commenting on people's changing bodies." Her post included a video demonstrating how the appearance of someone's body can change from moment-to-moment by simply altering their posture or pose.

In the footage, Sara, 29, stood inside a spacious room with neutral décor. She rocked a solid black bikini that showed off her slender figure. Her top was a bralette with a deep V-neck and and adjustable shoulder straps. Her bottoms boasted strappy sides, a low waist, and a cheeky cut in the back. She looked fresh-faced, and she wore her dark hair pulled up.

The audio that played over her video repeated a phrase multiple times as the model moved: "Bodies that look like this, also look like this." The wording was occasionally altered slightly to refer to specific body parts.

Sara showed her viewers how simply slumping a bit made her taut tummy look rounder and softer. She also stood sideways to demonstrate how she could suck her stomach in and raise her arms up in the air to make it appear perfectly flat. When she lowered her arms and relaxed her stomach muscles, it bulged out a bit.

Sara struck another pro pose by angling her booty toward the camera and placing her hand on top of her head. When she lowered her arm, her bikini strap pressed down on her back, creating a small roll of skin and fat. She barely altered the way she was standing when she made her peachy posterior look a little less smooth and round.

In the comments section of Sara's post, her realness was applauded by her appreciative followers, a few of whom were also models.

"I love you for this!!! Thanks for showing real angles! You look beautiful babes," wrote Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Jasmine Sanders.

"This literally is so incredible. This is what it means to be human!!" read a message from a fan.

"Thank you so much for this!!!! I needed this so very much!!!" added another admirer. "I appreciate that you were kind and truthful enough to share this with us, you are beautiful."