Zara Larsson Graces 'NME' Cover, Discusses New Album 'Poster Girl' & Wanting To Write Uplifting Women Anthems

Zara Larsson has graced the latest cover of NME magazine. The Swedish singer is gearing up for the release of her third studio album, Poster Girl, and talked to the publication about the upcoming project.

Larsson has revealed she is currently single and not in a relationship. However, she does admit the songs seem to be about being in a relationship and in love.

"Most of them just happen to be about the emotions you would feel when you break up with someone or you meet someone new," she explained.

Larsson insists Poster Girl is a collection of "really good songs." Although, she does let readers know that she has been struggling to make an "uplifting" anthem for women.

"You know, I really wanna write pop bangers [which are] uplifting women's anthems, but I've tried so many times and it's so hard to not make it super-cheesy. I think I've tried like 10 times to make a feminist anthem," the "Don't Worry Bout Me" hitmaker said.

"I will start to incorporate my views on the world into my songs a bit more. But right now, I guess a lot of my songs are about love and relationships."
Poster Girl has been a long time coming and is Larsson's first album since 2017's So Good. The LP's lead single, "Ruin My Life" was released in 2018 and peaked at No. 9 in the U.K., per The Official Charts.

Larsson's follow-up singles failed to match the same success commercially but that hasn't stopped the songstress from wanting to release this album.

Initially, she felt the pressure but then realized that releasing music is a form of escapism for her.

On the cover, Larsson can be seen wearing a netted silver garment with short sleeves in a close-up shot. She appears to be leaning on a fence of the same color with her arms crossed. The 23-year-old showed off the tattoo inked on her left arm that read "Lush Life," the name of one her signature singles. Larsson accessorized with dangling earrings and pushed her wavy blond hair over to one side.

According to DIY Mag, Poster Girl is scheduled to be released on March 5. The record will consist of 12 tracks, four of which have been released as singles -- "Ruin My Life," "Wow," "Love Me Land," and "Talk About Love" featuring rapper Young Thug.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Larsson teased fans that she will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Vogue magazine.