Jade Grobler Flaunts Tanned Skin & Curvaceous Derrière In Scanty Thong Bikini

Jade Grobler thrilled her 1.1 million followers on Instagram after she posted a sizzling snapshot of herself in an outrageously tiny bikini on Sunday, January 10. The blond bombshell rocked the skimpy bathing suit as she enjoyed the warm weather.

The snap showed Jade posing inside a caravan with the doors open. She sat on the edge of the bed with her backside facing the camera. She was surrounded by beautiful views that included the blue sea, lush greenery, and a nearby island. Despite the scenery, viewers were more fixated on her cheeky display.

Jade's posture made her perky booty the main focus of the shot. Some parts of her tanned skin were red from the heavy sun exposure. The tan lines across her derrière were noticeable and some fans described them as "sexy" in the comments section.

Longtime followers of the influencer know that she embarked on a month-long road trip around Australia not too long ago. She spent the adventure with some of her friends and shared many photos from her journey.

The South African model sported an orange two-piece swimsuit that showcased her bodacious curves. The front side of the garment was not shown in the snap. From what was visible, it had a racerback design and a snug fit.

She sported the matching thong that seemed to boast a low-cut waistline that highlighted her tiny torso. Notably, thin straps made up the suit. The bottoms perfectly fit her slender frame, highlighting her curvy hips. A small X printed in white was found in the back portion of the piece.

Jade left her golden locks untied, letting the long strands fall down her back. Her hair also seemed unstyled as her natural waves could be seen.

The internet personality paired the pic with a short caption, where she expressed her thoughts about the trip.

In less than an hour, the latest share gained over 4,700 likes and over 70 comments. Fans and followers took to the comments section to drop various emoji and gushing messages, with most of them telling her how hot she looked. Other fans raved about her round posterior and fit body.

"As I have always said, Jade, you are pure perfection," one of her admirers wrote.

"What a nice location, but you are the best view. Whitsundays got nothing on you," added another user.

"I missed your constant uploads from your adventures. Maybe you can do it again? Of course, after everything's back to normal," a third fan commented, adding a mix of emoji to the end of their comment.