Danica Patrick Slays In A Cheeky Bikini While Nailing A Lotus Handstand

Treva Bowdoin

Danica Patrick stunned her fans by showing off her fit figure in a bikini while demonstrating her impressive strength and balance.

Since retiring from her career as a NASCAR and IndyCar driver, the 38-year-old athlete has been enjoying less stressful physical pursuits. One of her favorite ways to work her body while also unwinding is to practice yoga. Danica occasionally shares her triumph with her Instagram followers when she masters a move, and she made a difficult pose look effortless in a new video.

She kicked off the new year by heading to a tropical destination for a relaxing vacation with a group of friends, and her footage was seemingly filmed during her getaway. Its setting was a wooden deck with a backdrop of vibrant green palm trees. The sun was shining brightly, but Danica was in the shade.

Her attire perfectly complemented the tropical vibe of her outdoor yoga studio. She wore a bikini that featured a trendy pattern of small leopard spots. Her top was a sporty bralette with a scoop neck and spaghetti straps. Her bottoms boasted a low-rise waist and a cheeky design.

Danica's peachy posterior was up in the air and aimed toward the camera as she prepared to get in the handstand position. She placed her hands firmly on the ground and lifted both legs with ease after kicking her right leg up a few times to gain a little momentum.

Once she was doing a handstand, she steadied herself before attempting the next challenging part of her pose. She slowly brought her right foot down and rested it on her left thigh. She had a little more difficulty placing her left foot against her right thigh, but once she wiggled it into place, she was executing a perfect lotus handstand. The move highlighted the powerful muscles of her arms and shoulders, as well as her washboard abs.

In her caption, she revealed that she's been meditating as well as practicing yoga, and she shared a revelation that she had as she listened to all the animals around her. She deemed their "song" a "natural sound bowl session" that is just the right frequency to make humans feel good when they hear it.

Danica's followers were wowed by her skill and her appearance.

"You have an amazing and beautiful body!!" read one message left in the comments section.

"Super impressive! Is there anything you can't do?! Geezus!" wrote another fan.

Her ex-boyfriend also received more than one mention.

"Aaron Rodgers is an idiot," commented a third Instagrammer.