Meg Turney Flaunts Her Assets In Sexy Nun Costume On Instagram

Cosplay model Meg Turney heated up Instagram on Saturday night, posting a photo that featured her dressed up as a sexy nun, much to the delight of many of her 767,000 followers.

In the snap, Meg posed with one hand on her hips and the other one holding what looked like a large wooden stick as she flashed a sultry stare at the camera. The cosplayer went with a black-and-white theme for her outfit, wearing her long black hair down with a veil over it and a few strands framing her face. What arguably stood out, however, was the tiny bikini she sported for the photo shoot, as it was small enough to let her flaunt a great deal of cleavage, as well as some underboob. Her bottoms had a similarly racy design, with only a minuscule triangle covering up what was necessary.

Meg's costume also included a see-through cover-up that she wore off one shoulder, a sheer, triangular piece of fabric that went over her flat midsection, and a large white collar with a black cross at the center. Additionally, her ensemble had a pair of white strips that seemed to connect different parts of her outfit together.

In her caption, Meg asked her fans whether or not they've been good, teasing that she was going to deal out some punishment to anyone who had been "naughty." She credited Austin-based photographer Wes Ellis for taking the snap and MoeFlavor for providing her ensemble.

The new post was seemingly popular with Meg's admirers, as it received more than 31,000 likes in the first eight hours after it went live on Instagram. The model also got 150 comments from fans who mostly reacted positively to her caption and praised her for her looks and her costume.

"Sweet baby jebus!!!" one fan wrote, adding a flame emoji at the end of the comment.

"That is one lucky cane, stick or whatever it is," a second person quipped, along with flame and red heart emoji.

"Oh gods no, im having......nun...of this LOL," a third admirer joked.

"[Heart-eye emoji] This look is making it hard to look away," a fourth individual commented.

The past few days have seen Meg rock a number of revealing costumes on Instagram. Prior to the new one, the cosplayer took to the social media platform and shared an image where she rocked a sexy take on a nurse's uniform that included a black bikini top with red crosses, a matching skirt, and fishnet stockings that reached the upper part of her thighs.