Corrie Yee Flaunts Her Derrière In A Red Thong & Rocks Devil Horns For A Pre-Halloween Treat

Corrie showed off many different angles of her lingerie.

Corrie Yee snaps a selfie.
Corrie Yee / Instagram

Corrie showed off many different angles of her lingerie.

Corrie Yee treated her fans to a wicked transformation video on Halloween Eve.

The model took to Instagram on Friday, October 30, to show off the sexy footage filmed by content creator Sebastian Paredes, whom she described as “the king of reels.” His creation was a transition video that began with a shot of Corrie looking cozy in a casual ensemble. The social media sensation had on a warm flannel shirt that featured a dark blue and black checkered pattern. The garment had pockets on the chest and the cuffed sleeves were rolled up above the elbow.

Corrie fashioned her dark silken hair into glamorous, glossy curls. She arranged her tresses so that they only cascaded over her left shoulder. She sat on a bed with black satin sheets and the lighting in the room had a slight blue cast. A woman’s voice could be heard advising her to breathe in and breathe out. She mouthed the final two words after the camera zoomed in on her face. Its lens then suddenly shot downward.

The video cut to a few brief shots of Corrie rocking a red lingerie set covered with wide straps and silver hardware. The distinctive design elements gave her ensemble a bondage vibe. Her bra enhanced her ample cleavage and her satin panties featured an eye-catching silver buckle on the waist. She also wore a garter belt with similar buckles. Its clips were attached to a pair of sheer black thigh-high stockings.

Corrie swirled a lightweight red robe around her body to flash the thong back of her underwear. She was also shown crawling across the bed in a provocative manner. This shot revealed that she now wore a headband topped with two short devil horns. After another quick cut, she showed her viewers what she looked like from the back as she crawled on the bed on her hands and knees.

Corrie was then shown lying on her back and seductively running one foot up her opposite leg. She wore a pair of Louis Vuitton platform stilettos. When she sat up with her legs spread and played with her hair, the color of the lighting changed from red to green to blue.

Corrie’s upload was enthusiastically received by her fans, who shared their thoughts about it in the comments section.

“This reel is so perfectly awesome and sexy,” gushed one admirer.

“You sexy little devil!!!” another message read.

“WOW! I think my eyes just burst into flames along with my heart,” commented another appreciative fan.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Corrie also thrilled her followers on Halloween Eve with a photo that showed her wearing a much different lingerie set. It was crafted out of delicate pink lace.