Instagram Model Raquel Benetti Shows Off Her Insane Soccer Skills While Wearing A Tiny Skirt And Sports Bra

Brandon Bombay

Instagram model Raquel Benetti flaunted her curves in a revealing outfit for a recent video upload. In the clip, she was shot wearing a small sports bra and a short skort that showcased her curves while she showed off her jaw-dropping athletic abilities.

The Brazilian has earned the moniker "The Muse of the Freestylers," and in this vid, she gave a taste of her incredible soccer skills. Benetti was on a pitch that was surrounded by a high chain-link fence, and the city's skyline was visible in the distance. She was joined by a friend, and there was a goal with white netting set up behind them as "Lose Control" by Meduza, Becky Hill, and Goodboys played over the footage.

Benetti started the clip standing in front of Boas, and she flicked the ball to her right foot before flipping it into the air. She then knocked it over her friend's head and chased it down. Viewers were given an eyeful of her curves as she ran in the revealing ensemble. After catching up to the ball, Benetti kicked it into the net, strutted toward the camera, and pointed into the lens as the video ended. This angle gave fans a glimpse of her toned midsection and ample assets in the formfitting top.

As per Google Translate, in the caption, Benetti joked about pulling off the impressive trick and asked if the ball was flying. She added cry-laughing, soccer, and fire emoji, along with several hashtags including "#women" before uploading the clip on Friday.

Many of the model's 1.3 million Instagram followers flocked to the vid, and more than 55,000 showed their support by hitting the like button in just over 10 hours after it was posted. Benetti received more than 430 comments in that time. Fellow soccer phenom Natalia Guitler responded with a series of hand clap emoji, and the replies were flooded with those.

"Wat a Kick...strong thick thighs," one follower replied.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier this month, Benetti showed off her cleavage in a sports bra while showing off her freestyle tricks.