Alexa Collins Rocks Red Lace Bustier & Eats Pizza In Bubbly Birthday Post

Alexa Collins turned 25 years old on Monday, October 12. The Miami model celebrated the big day on Instagram with a photo-heavy update in which she enjoyed some festive pizza covered in heart-shaped pepperoni.

For the occasion, the blond beauty rocked a fiery red bustier made entirely out of see-through lace. The sexy top exposed her cleavage and left her voluptuous assets well within eyesight thanks to its sheer nature, leading one fan to comment, "Red hot for your birthday," trailed by a string of flattering emoji.

The revealing number had a chic floral print and was further adorned with a dainty scalloped trim around the low-cut neckline. Thin shoulder straps framed her décolletage, drawing attention to her perky chest. The garment clung to her trim midriff, accentuating Alexa's tiny waist and slender figure.

The Florida hottie paired the piece with high-waisted black trousers, tucking in the top. Although the half-body shots only showed a glimpse of the elegant bottoms, fans could notice their tight, hip-hugging fit.

Alexa added a few accessories to finish off the hot look, including large hoop earrings, a beaded bracelet, and a shiny wrist watch.

The stunner wore her hair down and styled with a side part, letting her lush locks brush over her shoulder. Her brown roots showed through and transitioned into blond, giving her tresses a slight ombré look.

The slideshow consisted of five snaps that captured Alexa in her kitchen, standing by the island counter with the large pizza in front. The photos were not uploaded in the same order in which they were taken, as the box looked half-empty in the first snap, but was full in the next two, and the final couple of shots showed Alexa delicately taking out the first slice and holding it up for the camera.

In one shot, the model gave off sultry vibes as she leaned her elbows on the counter, shooting an enticing gaze at the camera and seductively parting her lips.

In another snap, she smiled from ear to ear while looking down enthusiastically at the open box.

Alexa eventually got down to business, as the first photo shared with fans saw her biting into a slice that she held up above her head.

The bombshell credited Florida-based eatery Pie-Zan's for the tasty treat, telling fans she was planning on eating the entire pie herself. She also advocated for the support of local businesses, like she has done plenty of times in the past.

"Another year around the globe surrounded by amazing friends, family & loved ones. Can't wait for the experiences that this new age will bring me."

"No sexier photo has ever been taken!" wrote one person, adding a fire emoji for emphasis.

"Enjoy that pizza and your special day! Celebrate you!" continued the message.

"Each slice is bigger than you!!! You're a different breed of savage," read a second comment.

"Happy Birthday hope you have a great day," chimed in a third Instagrammer, leaving a trail of celebratory emoji.

"Btw you look absolutely beautiful as always."

The upload was a big hit with her devoted admirers, reeling in 360-plus messages and more than 12,350 likes, all within the first two hours of being online.