Daisy Keech Poses On Hands And Knees And Lets Her Curls Tumble: ‘Lil Lion’

Daisy Keech poses for a selfie.
Daisy Keech / Instagram

Instagram model Daisy Keech took to her social media page on Sunday afternoon with a tantalizing image that thrilled her 5.2 million Instagram followers. The stunning blonde embraced an untamed look in a provocative pose on the beach. Just under 275,000 supporters hit the “like” button in the first two hours after the post was unloaded.

Daisy wore a skimpy string bikini featuring a vibrant, multicolored abstract pattern. It had a basic design, with simple triangle cups connected to a series of strings that tied in bows behind her neck and encircled her rib cage.

The bottoms had a tiny thong back that put her bare behind on display. The front of the suit didn’t appear to use much more fabric. It dipped dramatically in the center to expose the maximum amount of her taut abdominal muscles.

The strings tied high on either side of her hips and had long ends that dangled toward the ground in her sultry pose.

Daisy’s golden tresses were unusually wild in comparison to the straightened, polished look she frequently flaunts. They cascaded around her shoulders and halfway down her back in messy curls, seemingly tousled by the ocean breeze. Her hair tumbled in every direction, and layered strands in the front framed her delicate features.

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lil lion ????

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Daisy balanced on her knees and both outstretched palms for the snap. Her legs were spread apart and she arched her back to emphasize the swell of her derriere, which was glowing in the bright sunshine. She dug the toes of her right foot into the sand, and let her other foot relax.

She faced the camera with her right side and turned her head to gaze at the lens with a smoldering expression. Although her face was in shadow, her eyes squinted slightly from the glare of light off the untouched sand that surrounded her.

Not far in the distance, the white caps of mellow ocean waves rolled onto the empty beach behind her. One tiny boat, which was almost too far away to make out, sailed on the turquoise water near the horizon. The paler sky above was clear, without a cloud in sight.

Daisy’s Instagram followers flooded her page with compliments for the image. One particularly important person in her life visited the comments section.

“Oh my angel, you are hot as hell,” praised her mom, Shawna Keech, emphasizing her words with two flame emoji.

“Get it from my mama,” Daisy responded.