Kindly Myers Shows Off Taut Derriere In Blue Jeans & Lacy Bra

Kindly Myers poses for an Instagram selfie.
Kindly Myers / Instagram

Playboy cover girl and self-proclaimed “professional smokeshow” Kindly Myers proved once again with her latest Instagram update that she doesn’t have to bare all to impress her 2.1 million followers. With her post on Sunday, October 4, the model inspired the masses with a sultry slideshow featuring her taut, tempting physique in a pair of tight blue jeans and a lacy bra.

If fan response to the sexy spread was any indication, the wardrobe combination did well to spotlight the 35-year-old’s athletic figure and taut derrière.

Kindly included a lyric from the classic song, “You Are My Sunshine,” in the accompanying caption. And while a sizable contingent of fans referenced the song in the comments section, most were content to simply heap praise on the longtime playmate for her stunning visage in the snapshots.

“The most beautiful queen deserves to be worshipped,” opined one admirer.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but they are wrong,” added a second smitten commenter. “Whenever I look at your pic, all I can think is ‘wow!'”

“You make me happy when skies are grey (or every time you post),” wrote another fan.

Kindly was snapped from the side in both of the shots included in the provocative post with her back arched and turned slightly toward the camera. As a result, the curved outline created by her booty and bustline was noticeable in the photos. Moreover, the model had turned her head to the left on each occasion, which allowed her face to be visible in the frame as well.

In the first picture, Kindly beamed at the camera’s lens with her eyes while offering a sweet smile. She also tugged playfully at a strand of her wavy blond hair on her right side. The second photo found her focusing her gaze away from the device, and her happy expression had been replaced with something more akin to a seductive smolder. Her face appeared to glow due to the sun’s illumination.

The social media personality’s ample bosom was thoroughly covered by her lacy white bra, however, its almost formfitting nature did little to mask the size and shape of her attributes in the second snap. Her skintight jeans perfectly conformed to her pert posterior, allowing its curves and contours to be perfectly exhibited in both of the uploaded photos.

Kindly’s latest post made a clear impact on Instagram, accruing over 8,000 likes in just a few hours.

As shared by The Inquisitr earlier this week, Kindly went topless in a sultry share of her latest Playboy cover in another recent post.