Kathie Lee Gifford Says Late Husband Frank ‘Smiling’ Down As Both Of Their Kids Got Married This Summer

Kathie Lee Gifford poses with her children at an event.
Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

Kathie Lee Gifford had a memorable summer as both of her children tied the knot, and the 67-year-old said she could feel the presence of her late husband “smiling” down on the joyful days.

The former Today Show host opened up this week about the big events, as 27-year-old daughter Cassidy walked the aisle with now-husband Ben Wierda in June, and son Cody tied the knot with Erika Brown in September.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Gifford said both events were beautiful, even though each had to be unexpectedly pared down due to restrictions from the coronavirus that led to bans on large gatherings.

Instead, each ended up being more intimate, with just close family members in attendance. The former television host said this ended up making the events even more special.

“They were going to be typical big weddings, and you never know how many people to have,” Gifford shared, saying that there was plenty of hemming and hawing about who would make the final guest list before the pandemic forced them to slash the list.

“This just got it down to the nitty gritty — who is closest family. It ended up being precious.”

There was one very close family member who could not be in attendance. Frank Gifford, who died in 2015 from natural causes, would have been on the pared-down guest list as well, but instead, Gifford said he was there in spirit and was happy to see both of his children find the loves of their lives.

“They’re just beautiful human beings, and to see your children happy like that – I know Frank’s smiling each day… we just sensed their dad just smiling,” she said.

Though the nuptials themselves turned out to be much smaller and more intimate, Gifford has not been shy in sharing some of the details with her fans. As The Inquisitr reported, the proud mother took to Instagram earlier this month to share a picture of her son and his new wife dressed up for their big day.

The image showed Cody holding hands with his stunning bride as they posed for a wedding photo in which they gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes while walking along a hedge-lined pathway.

The snap was a huge hit with Gifford’s followers, getting more than 80,000 likes and scores of comments wishing them a long and happy marriage. Some even noted that Cody bore a striking resemblance to his father during his younger days.