Chris Evans Appears To Accidentally Post Nude Picture On Instagram, Fans Come To His Defense

Chris Evans appeared to have an embarrassing social media moment on Saturday, with a nude picture finding its way into his Instagram page that quickly earned him some likely unwanted viral attention.

The Captain America star appeared to share the racy photo early on Saturday, and though it was quickly deleted, the snap managed to capture some viral interest across social media. Evans' name shot to the top of Twitter's trends, with many sharing jokes about the apparently inadvertent share and some sharing the black-and-white image itself.

As Us Weekly noted, the revealing photo was shared apparently by accident while Evans was posting another video.

"The Marvel star, 39, took to his Instagram Stories to share a clip of himself and a few pals playing a game of Heads Up but at the end of the clip, the video showed the Knives Out star's camera roll, and on the row above the clip, there was a black-and-white [nude image]," the report noted, adding that it was presumed to be Evans' private parts seen in the shot, though it could not be confirmed whether it was him.

Many fans came to the actor's defense, saying they felt bad for the apparent mishap and encouraging others not to repost the image out of respect for him. Others posted more wholesome images of the Captain America star, hoping to draw attention away from the embarrassing mistake.

Chris Evans attends the premiere of Marvel's
Getty Images | Mark Davis

A number of other celebrities have faced nude leaks, sometimes through their own posting mistakes and other times through the work of hackers who have stolen and posted their private photos. These instances have been taken serious by law enforcement, with charges and prison sentences for those who steal and share these private images.

There was no indication that the picture of Evans had any malicious intent behind it, though Evans himself has not addressed the controversy in the hours since it was posted and quickly deleted. There was nothing in the actor's Instagram stories as of late on Saturday night, and the most recent post was a wholesome picture of the actor cuddling with his dog, all while fully clothed.

As The Inquisitr noted, Evans had already captured some viral attention for another revealing snap shared in his stories this weekend, though one not nearly as racy as the inadvertent naked snap that showed up in his feed earlier in the morning. The post showed Evans in bed with his dog, Dodger, without a shirt, showing off his large chest tattoo.